Pro2Store changelog
Pro2Store changelog

2.0.0 BETA 12 [11th November 2021]



  • MOVED THE ENTIRE REPO OVER TO J4 - now the main development repo. All subsequent development will be "J4 first"



Tons of frontend bug fixes! Too many to mention them all!

Here's a quick selection:

  • Fixed cart items grid view
  • Fixed amount input box
  • Moved customer ID retrieval to server side.
  • Address management updated to API V2
  • Fixed Date format selector for My Orders Module
  • Update User Orders module to V2.0 API
  • Fixed layout issues with Cart Fab module
  • Fixed issues with main cart module
  • Fixed bugs on checkout notes where spaces were being stripped from text
  • Fixed article saving bug in j4


  • added all the pricing needed to cart object
  • Added PluginFactory to help with management of 3rd party plugins