Pro2Store changelog
Pro2Store changelog

1.5.0 [17th August 2021]

1.5.0 is a large update covering a ton of bug fixes and improvements. This release will be the last using the Angular backend. 1.6.0 will have a completely reworked backend interface using Vue.






  • Shortcodes for Front-end (New Element) - these allow you to add the order number, totals etc to the confirmation page.





  • Space Needed After Order Number
  • Ensure SQL scripts run for new tables
  • Add options for Cart Button
  • Remove destroyCartAddress from User Logout
  • Add price to table layout
  • Fix edit address
  • Add alert to Stripe Plugin when clicked when unready
  • Fix bug that meant that the billing address was not checked when validating address in checkout
  • Fix extra comma in address layout
  • Media Manager: Folder Naming Issues
  • Media Manager: Image Preview 404
  • Gallery Plugin: Preview Images Broken
  • Cart Summary Element Updates





  • Add placeholder data in Elements
  • edit price on table view for products
  • Stripe Checkout Options
  • Payment Plugins - Better UX
  • Set up default Admin email (On fresh install)