Pro2Store changelog
Pro2Store changelog

1.4.0 [16th March 2021]





This update adds VueJS reactivity to all frontend elements and paves the way for Product Variations (coming soon) and the new Grid and Filter element (coming soon!).


  • Product options not saving under certain circumstances
  • Bug where the Trash button would close the product edit screen
  • Unhandled exception error when article was not a P2S Product
  • Customer layout showing old pre 1.2 integer value
  • fixed build scripts
  • Discount code not showing after added
  • Moved all JS to Joomla Media folder
  • Bug fixes on Offline Pay element
  • Cart Items Table layout now responds to Product update events
  • Fixed bugs on discount code field
  • Fixed bugs on Guest address form
  • Fixed bugs on Logged in address form
  • Better error reporting on address forms
  • Fixed Fetch URLs to accommodate sites in subfolders to the main domain.


  • Updated all frontend elements to use VueJS reactivity
  • Make Cart Items table element "react" to cart events
  • New component option to add shipping to taxable total. (This should help some in the Netherlands display the correct tax total)