Pro2Store changelog
Pro2Store changelog

1.3.0 [17th Feb 2021]





This update fixes all known issues related to the 1.2 release.


  • Fixed an installation bug
  • Fixed a JS error on the total recalculation [NOTE] 1.3.1 will have VUE JS conversion finished.
  • Fixed language string that broke the JS on cart items
  • Fixed a bug on add to cart where the cart class call was not correct.
  • Fixed a bug where all the cart would be emptied if the trash icon was clicked.
  • Fixed a bug that cleared the cart when a new registration took place
  • Fixed lots of errors in the new cart system
  • Fixed and added lots of layout options for the cart summary and discount elements
  • Fixed all (I hope) remaining issues with the integer system
  • Fixed bugs on Mollie Payment gateway
  • Fixed bugs on address settings on clean install - now uses "get" default
  • Fixed checks to shipping plugin to 'catch' default shipping
  • Fixed issues with ALTER TABLE on non-MariaDB databases - moved creation to install script
  • Fixed issues with discounted prices in frontend AJAX call.
  • Fixed the Brick/Money rounding bug on the shipping and zone shipping 
  • Fixed validation on the shipping and zone shipping forms
  • Billing name being mixed up with shipping name
  • Translation strings


  • Added new multiplier system to order layout 
  • Added "catch" for orders made on the old system
  • Added a translated string for the "remove items" popup in cart


  • New wide layout for Product Add form
  • Weight calculations now take the total weight of the cart rather than item-by-item
  • Improvements to payment plugin checks


  • New cart item management to allow large numbers of items in the cart with much better efficiency