Pro2Store changelog
Pro2Store changelog

1.5.7 [14th Nov 2021]



  • Fixed bug in cookie saving that prevented some sales from completing.
  • Fixed aspects of how some tax calculations were made.

2.0.0 BETA 12 [11th November 2021]



  • MOVED THE ENTIRE REPO OVER TO J4 - now the main development repo. All subsequent development will be "J4 first"



Tons of frontend bug fixes! Too many to mention them all!

Here's a quick selection:

  • Fixed cart items grid view
  • Fixed amount input box
  • Moved customer ID retrieval to server side.
  • Address management updated to API V2
  • Fixed Date format selector for My Orders Module
  • Update User Orders module to V2.0 API
  • Fixed layout issues with Cart Fab module
  • Fixed issues with main cart module
  • Fixed bugs on checkout notes where spaces were being stripped from text
  • Fixed article saving bug in j4


  • added all the pricing needed to cart object
  • Added PluginFactory to help with management of 3rd party plugins

2.0.0 BETA 11 [5th November 2021]







  • (J4) Fixed bug on Tag saving during Product Add
  • (J4) Fixed layout issues in the Product Add backend
  • (J4) Fixed issues relating to the notification UI


  • Cleaned up CSS dependencies


2.0.4-BETA1 Thursday 23rd September 2021

Fixes installation errors  

2.0.3-BETA1 Thursday 23rd September 2021

Fixes J4 errors Cleans up uninstall tables (J4) 2.0.2-BETA1 Thursday 23rd September 2021

Fixes J4 script loading 2.0.1-BETA1 Thursday 23rd September 2021

Fixes J4 installation issues 2.0.0-BETA1 Thursday 23rd September 2021


Completely redesigned and refactored backend built with VueJS New Variants system Plugin extensions allowing Pro2Store to be extended in the backend. Editor fields now use Joomla selected editor Added new config options to change how prices are shown. Now you can include VAT on all prices automatically. Frontend:

Completely refactored all library code for better maintainability and easier feature development Refactored Shortcodes feature to use new Factory style code Added variants element Refactored payment plugins to use a single plugin (removes need for AJAX plugin) 

1.5.6 [5th November 2021]



  • Fixed a bug that meant the discount wouldn't save in Free shipping
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from unpublishing an item from within the item edit screen


  • Added labels to Quantity element for accessibility

1.5.5 [29th September 2021]



  • Fixes a bug that set the price to zero under some configurations.

1.5.4 [29th September 2021]





  • Fixed serious bug introduced in the last release that broke AJAX payments.
  • Minor bug fixes throughout





  • Added multilingual emails

1.5.3 [14th September 2021]





  • Editing Zone name now fixed
  • Fixed issue where the date shortcode was not working on emails.
  • Fixed bug that changed the article creation date on each save.

1.5.2 [17th August 2021]





  • Fixed a bug where price was not being recorded for Shortcodes

1.5.1 [17th August 2021]





  • Adds control over cookie length for Shortcodes.

1.5.0 [17th August 2021]

1.5.0 is a large update covering a ton of bug fixes and improvements. This release will be the last using the Angular backend. 1.6.0 will have a completely reworked backend interface using Vue.






  • Shortcodes for Front-end (New Element) - these allow you to add the order number, totals etc to the confirmation page.





  • Space Needed After Order Number
  • Ensure SQL scripts run for new tables
  • Add options for Cart Button
  • Remove destroyCartAddress from User Logout
  • Add price to table layout
  • Fix edit address
  • Add alert to Stripe Plugin when clicked when unready
  • Fix bug that meant that the billing address was not checked when validating address in checkout
  • Fix extra comma in address layout
  • Media Manager: Folder Naming Issues
  • Media Manager: Image Preview 404
  • Gallery Plugin: Preview Images Broken
  • Cart Summary Element Updates





  • Add placeholder data in Elements
  • edit price on table view for products
  • Stripe Checkout Options
  • Payment Plugins - Better UX
  • Set up default Admin email (On fresh install)