Pro2Store changelog
Pro2Store changelog

1.3.0 [17th Feb 2021]

This update fixes all known issues related to the 1.2 release.


  • Fixed an installation bug
  • Fixed a JS error on the total recalculation [NOTE] 1.3.1 will have VUE JS conversion finished.
  • Fixed language string that broke the JS on cart items
  • Fixed a bug on add to cart where the cart class call was not correct.
  • Fixed a bug where all the cart would be emptied if the trash icon was clicked.
  • Fixed a bug that cleared the cart when a new registration took place
  • Fixed lots of errors in the new cart system
  • Fixed and added lots of layout options for the cart summary and discount elements
  • Fixed all (I hope) remaining issues with the integer system
  • Fixed bugs on Mollie Payment gateway
  • Fixed bugs on address settings on clean install - now uses "get" default
  • Fixed checks to shipping plugin to 'catch' default shipping
  • Fixed issues with ALTER TABLE on non-MariaDB databases - moved creation to install script
  • Fixed issues with discounted prices in frontend AJAX call.
  • Fixed the Brick/Money rounding bug on the shipping and zone shipping 
  • Fixed validation on the shipping and zone shipping forms
  • Billing name being mixed up with shipping name
  • Translation strings


  • Added new multiplier system to order layout 
  • Added "catch" for orders made on the old system
  • Added a translated string for the "remove items" popup in cart


  • New wide layout for Product Add form
  • Weight calculations now take the total weight of the cart rather than item-by-item
  • Improvements to payment plugin checks


  • New cart item management to allow large numbers of items in the cart with much better efficiency 

1.2.7/1.2.8 [1st Feb 2021]

This update fixes a lot fo small bugs with the recent move to 1.2.0.


  • Error in cart module
  • Fixed validation on some number values
  • Fixed an issue that caused duplicate item creation
  • Added the grid layout back in for cart items.


  • validation engine

1.2.8 - this fixes a few bugs where the cart items were not displaying correctly.

1.2.4/1.2.5/1.2.6 [29th Jan 2021]

1.2.6 update fixes A LOT of the issues users faced with the 1.2.x update.




  • Brick/Math errors on rounding down of integers

1.2.3 [28th Jan 2021]


Bug on discount system relating to the new integer system

1.2.2 [28th JAN 2021]



  • Fixed a bug that made the currency symbols disappear on cart item update.

1.2.1 [28th JAN 2021]

Fixes an issue with numbers not being converted to integer properly on the instal script.

1.2.0 [28th JAN 2021]

This is a large upgrade that includes lots of bugfixes, major improvements and a new media manager system


  • New Media Manager
  • New layouts for cart system
  • Added Brick/Money to the library to handle integers - this stabilises all aspects of currency calculations etc. and addresses lots of edge case bugs on calculations. The addition of this library also paves the way for the new variants system which, at the time of writing, is in active development.


  • New "skin" for the backend interface.


Now that the Brick/Money library has been included, all database values have been converted from floats to "minor integers". The installation script will change these automatically, however, please check your product prices and shipping costs to make sure this has worked correctly on your site.

1.1.8/1.1.9/1.1.10 [18th DEC 2020]

Bug fix release


  • Fixed a bug on the multiplier algorithm.

1.1.7 [15th Dec 2020]

This build removes a ton of unused dependencies from the main Angular repo and reduces bundle size significantly.


  • Ability to export orders to CSV


  • Moved the Timeline component in orders to sit center aligned for easier reading.


  • Removed spaces from tracking code
  • Fixed errors in email template

1.1.6 [8th Dec 2020]

This is a maintenance release that addresses a few left over bugs from 1.1.4.


  • Error in cart sign up module


  • Pushed backend app to Angular v11