Printavo updates
Printavo updates

Require ACH for payments over a specified dollar amount.




Shops that have enabled Printavo's new embedded payments platform can now set a dollar value above which ACH will be required during checkout. This feature only applies to public invoice payments, not merch store checkouts.

To set a threshold:

  • Navigate to My Account
  • Find the Accept Payments page
  • Scroll to the bottom and locate the section titled Payment Methods - Set limits for when payment options are available
  • Select the desired option
  • Click Save

The dollar value that you enter in this section will determine which payment options are available during checkout. For example, if you set a threshold of $5,000, then all invoice payments above $5,000 will require ACH. In other words, credit cards will be disabled during checkout.

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 5.19.38 PM.png