Printavo updates
Printavo updates

New Invoice & Customer Profile Privacy Setting




In order to provide extra privacy, shops now have the option to toggle on a "Private Email Link" that makes Invoices & Customer Profiles accessible to specified recipients only.

This feature can be toggled on by heading to My Account > Invoice Information > Invoice & Customer Privacy.

Switching to Private.gif

When enabled, a customer/recipient will have 3 days to open the emailed/texted Profile or Invoice link via Printavo to automatically be taken to view their profile or quote/invoice. There is no change to the customer experience if they open their link within 3 days.

Without access to this unique emailed link or after the 3 day link expiration the viewer will be required to enter their email address associated with the order.

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 3.41.09 PM.png

What is considered an authorized email for a quote/invoice?

  • Customer's Email
  • Invoice Owner's Email
  • Any email sent a message
  • Any email sent an automation
  • Any email sent a payment request

What is considered an authorized email on a customer profile?

  • The main Customer's email can view their own as well as any Contact's public profile
  • A Contact's email can only be used to view their own public profile

Any logged in user to Printavo will also be automatically redirected to view the profile/quote/invoice.