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In order to speed up your quote turn around time, allow your sales team to do their own mockups, quickly build a Merch store and allow your graphic artists to focus on final art approvals only, accounts on the most recent plans can now create mockups within Printavo using the Mockup Creator.

The Mockup Creator will render any vendor catalog images provided for the product or a custom blank product image upload as well.

Simply add your Imprint design(s) to the product for:

  • positioning/placement
  • rotate
  • scale
  • delete
  • move up/down layers when multiple designs are applied

Quickly mockup different products with the same design by clicking another line item and saving a new mockup.

Did the customer have some feedback? No worries, Mockup Creator mockups are editable at any time.

006 Add Image.gif

Activating the Mockup Creator

The Mockup Creator button is located under each of your line item groups.

In order for the group's button to be in an active state, the job must have, at minimum:

  1. A customer applied to the job

  2. Pricing in every line of the line item group that has a product

  3. At least one imprint with at least one piece of information filled out


Ready to learn more?

How to use the Mockup Creator Article

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How to use the Mockup Creator Video

Using the Mockup Creator


Once you click on the Mockup Creator button:

  • If you selected a line item product that has an associated catalog image/images, then you will be presented with that/those. You can also add additional custom images with the + Custom Blank button.

  • If you used a custom product or selected a line item product that does not have associated images, then you will be prompted to upload your own custom image with the + Custom Blank button.

If you have multiple image options, you can choose the image you're using for the mockup by selecting it from the thumbnails at the top of the creator.

If you have multiple line items, you can switch between the active line item by clicking its corresponding line item box.

004. Image and LI Switch.gif

If you already uploaded a graphic for your mockup in the imprint field of the quote, that will show up by default within the Mockup Creator. If you did not upload a graphic in the imprint field, or would just like to add more designs, simply click the + Design button within the imprint box of the Mockup Creator.

To add your design to the product image, simply click the image you would like to apply. Use the tools in the corner of the image to rotate, resize, or delete the image. Click and drag the image to move it around the product.

Click Save Mockup when you're happy with the placement of your design on the product image.

006 Add Image (1).gif

When you've saved all desired changes, click Back to Quote to go back to editing your quote. Your saved mockups will now appear in both your imprint box and on the relevant line items.


If you need to edit your images later, you can always click the "Edit" button on your quote/invoice page.