Preset Task Group Bugfix

If Automation applies a Preset Task Group to an invoice when a certain status is selected, the tasks will only be applied once now.

Prior, the Preset Task Group could be applied again if a status was used multiple times with Automation attached.

Bug Fixes

A few bug fixes to share!

  • Searching for order nicknames has been fixed. If you look for highsch*, it will correctly return highschool as an example.
  • When viewing All Customers, the Order Count column is now accurate.

Text Formatting on Orders

You can now utilize text formatting on an order's Notes and Production Notes. This will help increase communication on orders.

We now include the ability for bolding, italics, bullet, and numbered lists.

You can also use shortcuts to format text quicker:


  • PC: Ctrl + B
  • Mac: Command + B


  • PC: Ctrl + I
  • Mac: Command + I

Bullet List

  • PC: Ctrl + Shift + 8
  • Mac: Command + Shift + 8

Numbered List

  • Mac: Command + Shift + 8
  • PC: Ctrl + Shift + 8

Contractor Profiles

Handle contract customers with ease now. Create Contract Profiles to change company information on invoices, box labels, packing slips, and work orders using Contractor Profiles.

Using the Premium plan, you can create these profiles in My Account > Contractor Profiles.

Duplicate Line Items Category Missing

When duplicating a line item, the category will be correctly copied over as well.

iOS Update

Fresh iPhone app update for the Printavo family!

  • When requesting/adding payment, populate outstanding invoice amount
  • Allow for attaching production files
  • Added user permission to show/hide certain actions
  • Added Face ID
  • Bug fixing logging out and use of Touch ID
  • Other bug fixes

Origin vs Destination-Based Tax in Merch

Printavo Merch allows you to automatically calculate sales tax on each placed order. This is calculated by Printavo, behind-the-scenes using a service called TaxJar. If an item is shipped out of state and there is no economic nexus, 0% sales tax is used.

If you would prefer to manually use a flat rate sales tax, this option is available as well.

When using the automatic option, pickup orders are charged sales tax based on the shop location.

Both sales tax settings can be set when viewing a Merch store and clicking More Actions > Settings at the top.

Total Sales Bug Fix

When exporting the Total Sales report, the correct date (Customer Due Date or Created Date) is used in the CSV export.

Archive Merch Stores


When viewing Merch stores, you can more Archive a store. To do this:

  1. View the Merch store
  2. Click More Actions > Archive Store

To unarchive a store:

  1. View the list of all stores
  2. Click Archived Stores at the bottom
  3. Click Unarchive next the store you wish to unarchive

Merch Orders Export - Additional Fields

Additional fields such as "Shipping Cost" & "Fulfillment Status" have been added to Merch orders CSV export.

The complete list of exported fields are:

  • Order #
  • Order Lineitem #
  • Order Created Date
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email
  • Shipping Address1
  • Shipping Address2
  • Shipping City
  • Shipping State
  • Shipping Zip
  • Shipping Country
  • Product Name
  • Product Variation Details
  • Product Personalization Details
  • Paid Total
  • Total Quantity
  • Tax
  • Shipping Cost
  • Fulfillment Status
  • Delivery Method

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