Origin vs Destination-Based Tax in Merch

You can now correctly manage origin vs designation-based taxes in Merch stores.

In origin-based states, sales tax should be collected based on where you, the seller, are located.

Destination-based sales tax is determined based on where the buyer is located. This is calculated by Printavo, behind-the-scenes using a service called TaxJar.

Both sales tax settings can be set when viewing a Merch store and clicking More Actions > Settings at the top.

Total Sales Bug Fix

When exporting the Total Sales report, the correct date (Customer Due Date or Created Date) is used in the CSV export.

Archive Merch Stores


When viewing Merch stores, you can more Archive a store. To do this:

  1. View the Merch store
  2. Click More Actions > Archive Store

To unarchive a store:

  1. View the list of all stores
  2. Click Archived Stores at the bottom
  3. Click Unarchive next the store you wish to unarchive

Merch Orders Export - Additional Fields

Additional fields such as "Shipping Cost" & "Fulfillment Status" have been added to Merch orders CSV export.

The complete list of exported fields are:

  • Order #
  • Order Lineitem #
  • Order Created Date
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email
  • Shipping Address1
  • Shipping Address2
  • Shipping City
  • Shipping State
  • Shipping Zip
  • Shipping Country
  • Product Name
  • Product Variation Details
  • Product Personalization Details
  • Paid Total
  • Total Quantity
  • Tax
  • Shipping Cost
  • Fulfillment Status
  • Delivery Method

Sticky Approval & Payments Buttons

HyzK0Px9n5.gif When customers are scrolling to view their quotes/invoices, Approval & Payment buttons stay at the top to increase clarity on their next step.

This "sticky" functionality is not enabled when viewing invoices from a mobile device.

Task Ordering

When viewing All Tasks, tasks are now correctly sorted by oldest tasks on top.

Deleting Users

Issues preventing deletion of users has been corrected

Merch Improvements

We have added the following improvements to make managing larger stores easier:

  • Pagination to Personalization Report
  • Optimizations & pagination when viewing store orders

Duplicating Line Items Fix

When duplicating line items, the dropdown for adding Mockups can now be accessed again.

Merch: Duplicate & Deactivate Products


You can now 1-click duplicate & deactivate products in your Merch stores. Note that deactivating will hide products in your Merch store and make them invisible.

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