Merch: Duplicate & Deactivate Products


You can now 1-click duplicate & deactivate products in your Merch stores. Note that deactivating will hide products in your Merch store and make them invisible.

Sort Merch Stores

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 3.55.54 PM.png Sort an overview of your Printavo Merch Stores by Store Name, Start or End Date, Total Sales, or Store Status (Live or Closed).

More Shortcodes

printavo shortcodes.png

You can use shortcodes within Printavo Invoices to send email messages with dynamic content about your Printavo Invoices and Customers.

Combined with Status Change Notifications, automated reminders and notifications are possible.

We just added additional shortcodes to increase the effectiveness of Status Change Notifications in your shop! Take a look:

  • [customer-company-name] - Returns the name of the Customer's Company. Easily use the customer's company in any correspondence or internal communications!
  • [invoice-po-number] - Returns the PO number for that Printavo Invoice. No more copy/pasting invoice numbers!
  • [invoice-shipping-address] - Returns the Shipping Address for that Printavo Invoice. Quickly and easily enter entire shipping addresses!
  • [invoice-billing-address] - Returns the Billing Address for that Printavo Invoice. Get billing info easily with a shortcode!
  • [customer-public-profile-url] - Returns the URL for the Customer's Public Profile in Printavo. Send a link to the job and know it's always the right link!
  • [invoice-nickname] - Returns the Nickname given to that Printavo Invoice. Easily refer to the exact Invoice you mean!

Printavo Merch Fixes

We've been working hard on Printavo Merch!

More than 700 shops are using Merch [Beta] to run their online stores!

Thank you for your feedback and patience as we develop long-term solutions to make Printavo Merch a quick, secure, and simple online store experience.

We have solved multiple issues, including:

  • Error Fix payments function correctly
  • Stability Improvement Creating a Merch Store from a Printavo Quote works as intended
  • Stability Improvement Editing a Product updates and displays in Merch Stores correctly
  • Feature See all Canceled Orders from Printavo Merch Stores

iOS iPhone Update

We deployed updates to the Printavo iPhone app which include:

  • Allow uploading & taking pictures for mockups
  • iPhone X compatibility
  • Barcode scanning for Premium subscribers
  • Added PO Number field to created and editing orders
  • Allow attaching of mockups to line items using your library or camera
  • When viewing a customer, added the ability to create a new quote
  • Bug fixed when searching on Invoices and Customers
  • Fix for mockups on invoices

Printavo Merch [Beta]

Printavo Merch allows you to create online stores in minutes. You can simply create group stores for team orders, fundraisers, company stores, and more.

Online stores have become an essential sales tool for growth in print shops. Shops can help their customers sell more, collect sizes, allow for individual payments, fundraise and more with Printavo Merch.

Group e-commerce platforms have generally been complicated to use taking time to set up and deploy. When stores are done, orders have historically had to be manually copied back into a production management tool. Printavo Merch simplifies this process by allowing for quick store creation and collapsing of orders back into invoices to manage.

Video Demo:

Before Printavo Merch

Teams wanting to collect orders or run boosters to fundraise for the team. Paper order forms were sent around to be filled out with checks for payment.

Coaches and group organizers would have to sift through forms, checks, and cash to make sure the totals were correct.

Completed group orders were then left all in a box, not separated for each distribution by the coach/group organizer.

After Printavo Merch

A proposal can be created in the form of a Printavo quote to be approved by the organizer. This quote would have artwork, production information, sale price, start/end dates, minimums, and other details. Here is a quote example.

Group organizers can 1-click approve the quote which lets the shop know they're ready for a store. Here is an example store.

Orders are then collected through the store via individuals paying separately.

Using 1-click, all unfulfilled orders are copied into a new invoice for production management.

Want an invite?

Head here to be invited to Merch:

Multiple shipping labels

When viewing order history, duplicate shipping label records will not be created.

Calendar Spacing Fix

When changing statuses on the calendar, empty spaces will be automatically filled to make orders more readable.

Box Label Printing

Sizing for box labels when printing has been fixed to fill a 4x6" label.

Customer Email Added to Zapier

When using "Update Quote/Invoice" or "New Quote/Invoice Trigger", you will now be able to use the associated customer's email address for that order.

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