Printavo updates
Printavo updates

“If all tasks in the [Preset Task List Name] preset task list have been completed,” Automation Trigger

In order to increase efficiency, a shop can now create an automation with the new If all tasks in [Preset Task List] preset task list have been completed, trigger to execute agains all automation actions.

Preset task list tasks can now be tracked so when the last task is completed it will trigger any action such as a status change and adding another preset task list.

This is generally used with pre-production tasks, where screens, ink, and shirts are ready to move a job into production.

Image 2021-02-12 at 1.53.48 PM.png

Image 2021-02-12 at 1.54.22 PM.png

Example in action:

Screen Recording 2021-02-12 at 01.56 PM.gif

Preset Tasks Lists can now be re-applied too. So if there is an art approval list and it is completed but the art is declined, just change the status back to re-trigger adding the art approval list again! Also if you double add a Preset Task list, no worries, only completed tasks will be re-added!

API Changes

Improved Address Validation with State and Country ISO Attributes on Addresses in the API

In order to improve and validate the address data that is created via the api customer and order addresses now have 2 new attributes that accept the ISO 3166 (alpha-2) format of:

  • state_iso - example: IL
  • country_iso - example: US

Addresses will be validated to make sure the state/province/region ISO code is valid within the country ISO code.

The state attribute currently accepts long names Illinois or ISO IL or even Illinioz which creates bad data for the Printavo account on the order and/or the customer when trying to create valid shipping and billing addresses. By sending the state_iso and country_iso the address can now be validated.

Further documentation can be found in the Printavo API docs:

New in_production attributes in the Orders#Index API endpoint

In order to better sort and filter Orders based on their production due date the Orders#Index API endpoint has 2 new attributes in Date/Time standard ISO format:

Better EasyPost Webhook Handling

Improved an issue were Printavo would return a 404 instead of a 200 to the EasyPost webhook when an Invoice/Quote could not be found which would disable future EasyPost webhooks for the shop's EasyPost account.

Remove Limit on Sales Tax Rates in Analytics

Removed a limit on the number of sale tax rates that could be selected when filtering on Analytics > Sale Taxes instead of showing all sale tax rates.

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 2.59.48 PM.png

Merch Store's Orders Performance Improvement

Improved the performance of rendering orders with many personalizations on the Merch Store's Orders page to avoid timing out.

Reordering of Preset Task List Tasks

Fixed an issue where reordering of tasks on the second or greater preset task lists would not save.

Screen Recording 2021-02-01 at 08.05 AM.gif

New Automations Suite

As part of the new Automations Suite, Status Change Notifications are now Automations in My Account.

Any existing account active Status Change Notification and old Automations have now been migrated to the new Automation layout with all existing content and configurations.

Each automation can now be dragged/dropped to organize and also turned On/Off. Automations can also be filtered by Trigger, Action or Status.

Screen Recording 2021-01-30 at 01.29 PM.gif

We are really excited that each Automation is now configurable based on any Trigger or Action combination to meet the needs of each account.

Automations are no longer limited to pre-existing automations or a status only being able to send only an email or only a text.

Screen Recording 2021-01-30 at 01.33 PM.gif

Available Triggers:

  • If [A Requested Approval] is approved…
  • If a quote/invoice is paid in full with no payment terms…
  • If status changed to… A Status can now be used any number of times.

Available Actions:

  • Send an email and/or text message to [desired recipient(s)]. Emails now have the option to also be sent emails using Cc and Bcc.
  • Apply the [Preset Task List] preset task list.
  • Request payment for [Percentage of Total]% amount. Includes option to email and/or text the request to the recipient(s)
  • Request [Approval Type] approval. Includes option to email and/or text the request to the recipient(s)
  • Change status to [desired status]

Here is more complete documentation on the power of the new Automations.

Merch store owner user permissions

If an account has a Merch subscription there is a new user permission Can only view/edit Merch stores they own to limit global access to all Merch stores and Merch global settings.

Image 2021-01-29 at 1.18.26 PM.png

If a user can only view/edit the Merch stores they own then they will only see the stores' data and information on the Merch stores page of which they are the Store Owner.

Image 2021-01-29 at 1.32.59 PM.png

Super admins can now sort the stores by Store Owner on the Merch stores page.

Screen Recording 2021-01-29 at 01.24 PM.gif

Merch stores created from a quote will have the Store Owner defaulted to the Invoice Owner otherwise the user who is creating the Merch store manually will be the default Store Owner. The Store Owner can be changed at anytime by an Admin or the Store Owner.

Screen Recording 2021-01-29 at 01.26 PM.gif

Hide deactived products on Merch

Fixed an issue where deactivated products would render as a search result in Merch instead of being hidden.

Subscription usage

In order to bring greater transparency to the usage that a subscription might have, the number of quote/invoices, users, pricing matrices and automations are now displayed on the account subscription page.

Image 2021-01-30 at 12.15.06 PM.png

To view go to My Account > Update Billing/Subscription.