Various Improvements and Bug Fixes

In order to ensure Printavo uptime and reliability we updated and improved:

  • Merch Label Generation
  • Security
  • Custom Product Pricing
  • Other Bugs

Fundraised Column on Merch Store's Orders Page

Since each product can have have a customized Fundraising Method, the Fundraised amount per Order Line Item is now displayed to add greater transparency to the Total Fundraised amount.

Image 2020-05-19 at 5.54.52 PM.png

Remove +Invoice

+ Invoice has been removed from the Nav Bar and New Invoice removed from the Customer page in favor of only having + Quote/New Quote respectively.

Custom Domain Messaging

Printavo is excited to launch Custom Domain Messaging for Premium Subscriptions.





When a Shop has their Custom Email Domain verified in Printavo any email sent from a User who has the Verified Custom Email Domain will have the email’s “from” be Mike Dorrance instead of Printavo .

This gives the Shop a more Customer recognizable email address when sending Messages from an Invoice such as a Quote Approval, Payment Request or a Status Change Notification.

This is a 1 time setup/verification that will apply to all of the Account's User emails.

ONLY emails from Printavo Users who have the custom email domain will be sent from the custom email domain otherwise their messages will still come from

Examples of a Status Change Notification Email:

  • From a Shop User with a Verified Email Domain:

SC from verified domain.png

  • From a Shop User without a Verified Email Domain (aka using their Gmail email)

SC from non-verified domain.png

Examples of a Payment Request Email:

  • From a Shop User with a Verified Email Domain:

PR from verified domain.png

  • From a Shop User without a Verified Email Domain (aka using their Gmail email)

PR from unverified domain.png

Excited to get started? Please read the details in:

How to set up using your Custom Email Domain in Printavo

Added additional columns to the Merch Orders Export CSV

Additional columns have been added to the Merch Order Export CSV to make reconciliation, marketing, and customer support easier.

New columns:

  • Order Visual ID - this is the number displayed to the Customer and in the Merch Store's Orders like Order #1
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Coupon Code - to better understand marketing efforts
  • Payment Transaction ID - to help with payment reconciliation

Add "View Merch Store" Link from Merch Invoice back to the Merch Store's Orders Page

After a Merch Store Invoice is generated there was no easy way to get back to the Merch Store's Orders page, so now if an Invoice was created from a Merch Store then the Create Merch Store link is replaced with a View Merch Store link.

Screen Recording 2020-05-08 at 01.02 PM.gif

Image 2020-05-08 at 1.00.01 PM.png

Match Merch Shipping Labels and Packing Slip Printing Order

In an effort to make Merch Order fullfillment easier, we have updated the order that Merch Packing Slips and Merch Shipping Labels to be the same.

When a Shop clicks All Packing Slips or All Shipping Labels from a Merch Store Invoice then they will print from the lowest Merch Order to the highest to make matching the Packing Slip with the Shipping Label quicker and more efficient.

Merch All Products Breadcrumb

In an effort to make it easier and more clear to go back to see all the products in a Merch Store beyond clicking the logo or the browser back button, a link < All Products has been added to all Merch Product pages that will take the Shopper back to the Merch Store Index/Home page.

Image 2020-05-08 at 12.45.18 PM.png

Calendar 2.0 Keyboard Shortcuts

Now you can use common keyboard shortcuts to make switching calendar views more efficient.

N: next day/week/month

P: previous day/week/month

ESC: exit modal

M or 1: month view

W or 2: week view

D or 3: day view

F: toggle filter view

T: move calendar to today’s date

Improved Merch Order Confirmation Emails

Merch Order Confirmation Emails have been improved to be responsive, include product images and the Merch Store's Delivery Instructions.

Mobile View:

Screen Recording 2020-05-08 at 11.59 AM.gif

Desktop View:

Image 2020-05-08 at 11.55.44 AM.png