Printavo updates
Printavo updates

Mockup Creator Undo/Redo






Revert accidental changes in the Mockup Creator by using the new Undo or Redo functionality. Press undo (the backwards facing arrow) to revert previous unsaved edits.

** Note: Once your mockup is finished & saved, all changes are final and you cannot revert previous edits.

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New Invoice Fees!




Create, save, and apply commonly used fees to your orders - and more! Fees can be saved as a flat $ amount or % of the total. Apply Fees by default or on the fly, helping you stay consistent regarding when you charge!

Fee quantities are now independent of the line item quantities, helping you maintain accuracy of your total item quantities.


Find Fees in Printavo’s native Quotes/Invoices export, helping you keep track what fees have been charged or if you use QuickBooks Online, the Fees will now export to QBO as individual products.

Set up your shops list of Fees by going to: My Account -> Invoice Fees

*QuickBooks Online Export is available to Premium- and Standard-tier subscribers of Printavo.

Merch Store Bug Fixes



  • Fixed a bug that blocked users from editing Personalizations on orders
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Stores to get stuck in a "Pending" state if Stores were created from Invoices with non-alphanumeric characters in the color fields

Bug Fixes & Improvements





  • Fixed a timeout issue on the Activity page
  • Fixed a timeout issue happening on the Deposits page
  • Improved how ACH Returns are handled in Printavo. ACH Returns now correctly affect the total paid balance on an invoice.
  • The Mockup Creator's Recolor tool should now accept all vector file types
  • Added State & Country fields to the signup page

Require ACH for payments over a specified dollar amount.




Shops that have enabled Printavo's new embedded payments platform can now set a dollar value above which ACH will be required during checkout. This feature only applies to public invoice payments, not merch store checkouts.

To set a threshold:

  • Navigate to My Account
  • Find the Accept Payments page
  • Scroll to the bottom and locate the section titled Payment Methods - Set limits for when payment options are available
  • Select the desired option
  • Click Save

The dollar value that you enter in this section will determine which payment options are available during checkout. For example, if you set a threshold of $5,000, then all invoice payments above $5,000 will require ACH. In other words, credit cards will be disabled during checkout.

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Mockup Creator Recolor Tool




Use the Mockup Creator to alter a vector file's colors!

Reduce the "back and forth" process between your shop and the customer with our new 'Recolor' tool in the Mockup Creator.

To use the Recolor tool, upload a vector design file (.ai, .svg) to your imprint. Open the mockup creator, add the design to your product mockup, click "Recolor," and begin making adjustments.

When you save your mockup, a copy of the new version of the design file will save as well.


Bug Fixes




Blank Company Name in Account Receivables Fixed

Multiple customers reported a bug in the Account Receivables report resulting in a blank Company Name field for some contacts.

The bug is fixed and the "Company" field should now properly reflect the Company Name of all customers and contacts within Account Receivables.

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Bug Fixes




Custom Product Importing

The Custom Product importer now accepts CSV files and should no longer require UTF-8 files.

Tags no longer case-sensitive when filtering

When filtering by Tags on the Calendar, some users found that the Tag required exact type-casing, therefore returning incomplete or incorrect results. Filtering by Tags on the Calendar no longer requires exact type-casing.

For example: If you need to filter orders for #Tom, you may find your results by either searching "Tom" or "tom"

Merch Fulfillment Email Setting




Merch users can now toggle automatic Fulfillment Emails On/Off.

Shops using Merch now have the option to turn off the automatic emails Printavo sends when selecting Mark as Fulfilled on an Invoice/Order. To toggle this new setting, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to the store
  2. Click on More Actions
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Toggle "Enable fulfillment emails" to the Off position (all new/existing Stores default to On)

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 6.02.34 PM.png

When turned off, the customers will not receive any email when a user selects Mark as Fulfilled or Mark all as Fulfilled for a Merch order/invoice. When turned on, the customers will receive an email stating that their order is ready for pickup or that it has been delivered.

Bug Fixes & Improvements



  • Fixed a bug causing the Customer "Total Owed" amount to be incorrect
  • Improved the Premium subscription billing experience so that accounts are not billed a $0 invoice for the Merch feature
  • If a Fee is deleted on an invoice, the total and subtotal now update dynamically
  • Removed the option to trial Merch while on Trial or Lite plans