PriceWell changelog
PriceWell changelog

Collect Billing Address / Expiring Subscriptions 💸





There's a couple of new payment flow updates in Pricing Pages with plenty more to come

Collect Billing / Shipping Addresses

Do you need to collect the billing address of your customer for tax reasons? Or maybe you need to collect shipping address because you are shipping a physical product?

You can now collect the billing and/or shipping address of your customers through the Pricing Page. These can be enabled in the "Payment Flow" section of your Pricing Page (yes, you can enable it for existing pages too 😀)


Expiring Subscriptions

Are you allowing customers to split the cost of your product over 12 months? Or maybe you want to sell subscriptions that only last 6 months?

You can now set a subscription to expire after a certain number of periods (the time between subscription payments, usually a month).

Again, this can be configured under "Payment Flow" for your Pricing Page and it can be enabled for existing Pages (only applies to new subscriptions created after it is enabled).