PriceWell changelog
PriceWell changelog

Churn Prevention ♻️




Collect cancellation reasons for 100% of churning customers. This is now possible through the Customer Portal. Previously collection of cancel reasons only happened after a customer had cancelled their subscription, making it harder to determine why customers are cancelling.

New Cancel Button

When enabled, the new "Cancel Subscription" button will ask your customers a chance to tell you why they want to cancel before they end their subscription. The options are configurable.


Churn at a Glance

The new churn dashboard shows you month by month, why customers are cancelling. Giving you the chance to put it right.

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 Plenty More to Come

We've got plenty more churn prevention features up our sleeves. Including

  • Pre-cancellation offers
  • Post churn emails

Let us know what else you would like to see through our support channel.