PriceWell changelog
PriceWell changelog

Apply Promo Codes at Checkout 🤑




It's now possible to apply a Stripe promotion/discount code at checkout with both the embedded Pricing Page and the web link.


Web Link

Simply add a parameter coupon=COUPON_ID to the end of the web link and the coupon (if valid) will be applied at checkout.


The snippet contains a div tag that looks like this

<div id="pricewell-a506c336-a866-430b-99b3-347fba5b78f4"></div>

Add an attribute data-coupon to this div to apply that coupon at checkout

<div data-coupon="COUPON_ID" id="pricewell-a506c336-a866-430b-99b3-347fba5b78f4"></div>

Coupon Ids come from Stripe

You will need to find your coupon id (App Id) from the Stripe dashboard. Note, this is not the same as a customer-facing coupon code.

Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 20.27.55.png