PriceWell changelog
PriceWell changelog

Per-User (Team) Pricing




Does your app charge per user instead of a flat cost per account? Maybe you have the concept of Teams or Company accounts? We now support per-user pricing (charging per user of the software) out of the box.

To do this we make use of Stripe's "quantity" feature.

Our Bubble plugin can now be set up to sync your Stripe data to any data table (e.g Company or Team). Our new Bubble action lets you alter the quantity of a subscription on the fly.


Check out our full tutorial on YouTube

New Responsive Options 📲




When displaying your Pricing Page on a smaller screen like a mobile phone, the plans switch to a column layout (one on top of the other). It's now possible to disable this behaviour and keep all your pricing plans on a single row. This is particularly useful if you are using Bubble, which doesn't have great support for responsive layouts.

To activate this go to Pricing Pages -> Design -> Responsive Mode: Fixed Height


Bubble Event Logs 📄




Keeping track of what Stripe events caused changes to your Bubble users can be tricky. Did Stripe send an event? Did it contain the right status? Was Bubble even updated?

That's why we're introducing the Bubble Event Log.


The event log records every change made to your Bubble users. You can see which user id was changed and exactly the changes that were made.

You can find the event log at Integrations -> Bubble

Monthly/Yearly toggle options 🎚




We've added a bunch of options to the monthly/yearly toggle for your pricing table.

  • You can have as many options as you like (daily, weekly, monthly etc)
  • The color now matches the rest of your pricing table (still customizable with CSS of course)
  • You can add a promotion (i.e. "save 20%" on the yearly option)
  • Option to display years prices as their "per month" equivalent to show the discount.

PayPal Support 💳




Offering multiple payment methods increases conversion. Offering PayPal can increase conversion by up to 47%.

So we're very excited to finally announce the first version of our PayPal integration. It's not possible to add a PayPal checkout button to your Pricing Page.

Installing the PayPal integration

Configuring the integration is simple.


Adding PayPal to a Pricing Page

For this first release, we don't pull your PayPal products automatically so you'll need to grab the subscription Plan Id from either sandbox (for testing) or live (taking actual payments):


The payment experience

When a PayPal plan is configured for one of your products, a PayPal "subscribe" button will magically appear underneath the regular checkout button. The checkout flow is the one you are used to from PayPal.


Custom Button Links 🔗




Want to display your pricing table on your landing page? Well now you can re-use your existing pricing table and redirect potential customers to your registration page.

Using the code snippet:

Simply add data-button-link="YOUR_LINK_HERE" to your code snippet. And all buttons on your pricing page will link to your chosen page (i.e. your registration page).

Using our Bubble plugin?

Simply drag the Pricing Table component into your landing page, paste the Page Id as normal and add a Custom Button Link


Font Selection 💅




Want a specific font for your pricing table? You can now select from a variety of Google Fonts. Of course our pricing tables pick up the fonts on your website by default but you may want to choose a specific font, now we've made it super easy!

Stripe PDF Invoice Generator 📄




Ever had a client ask if you can send them an invoice with their company address on? Great but they already paid in Stripe and there's no way to change the invoice 🤦‍♂️

Well now you can use our Invoice Generator


Just copy the invoice number from Stripe, add the company information you need and we'll generate a PDF invoice for you to download.

Bubble Sync Additional Data 🛀




You can now sync any fields from your Stripe subscriptions to Bubble. Want to sync subscription quantity? No problem, we've got you.

Add as many custom fields as you like from the Bubble integration.


Multiple Bubble App Sync 🛁




The pleased a lot of customer old and new but one thing we've heard over and over is how nice it would be to support multiple bubble apps with the integration.

Well the wait is over. Introducing: multiple bubble app support🚀

Sync your Stripe account data with multiple Bubble app databases.


You can now click "Add Bubble App" on the bubble integration screen and add API keys for as many bubble apps as you like. Don't forget to press "save" after adding the API keys.