PriceWell changelog
PriceWell changelog

Multiple Bubble App Sync 🛁




The pleased a lot of customer old and new but one thing we've heard over and over is how nice it would be to support multiple bubble apps with the integration.

Well the wait is over. Introducing: multiple bubble app support🚀

Sync your Stripe account data with multiple Bubble app databases.


You can now click "Add Bubble App" on the bubble integration screen and add API keys for as many bubble apps as you like. Don't forget to press "save" after adding the API keys.

Bubble Integration 🫧




Are you using Our new integration makes it 10x easier to integrate Stripe with Bubble.

You no longer near to handle webhooks yourself! 🔥

Simply configure the Bubble integration in PriceWell and we will sync your customers Stripe subscriptions over to Bubble for you. It's as simple as that.

1. Configure the integration in PriceWell Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 14.58.21.png

2. Stripe subscription data appears in Bubble Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 14.59.16.png

Check out the Bubble Documentation for more information and full instructions.

Gated Content 🔐




Ever wanted to hide a page on your website to those who aren't subscribers?

Well, we've come up with the easiest way in the world 🌎 to do it.

  • Configure which urls should be restricted
  • Drop the generated snippet into your website

Now anyone visiting the restricted pages must have a Stripe customer (with an active, non-zero subscription) that matches their email address.


Check out the Gated Content Documentation

Choose the promoted plan




It's now possible to choose which plan you promote on your pricing page. Promoting a plan acts as an anchor and helps the customer decide which plan to choose.

Now you have the flexibility to choose which plan to promote.


Take payment on the first of the month 📆




If you want to collect subscription payments on the first of the month we offer the option to prorate the remaining amount for the current month.


  • Customer signs up for $50/mo plan
  • We are 83% through the current month so we charge $8.50 now
  • The next payment is set for the 1st of the following month

This feature can be enabled under

Advanced Settings -> Take payment on the 1st of every month?


One-off products in subscription mode 💶




If you are using subscription mode but ALSO have one-off products. You can now disable the "Pay" button for your one-off products if the customer is subscribed to a plan.

This is useful if you have a product like a job board that allows unlimited job posts with a subscription but also allows customers to purchase single job posts.

Churn Prevention ♻️




Collect cancellation reasons for 100% of churning customers. This is now possible through the Customer Portal. Previously collection of cancel reasons only happened after a customer had cancelled their subscription, making it harder to determine why customers are cancelling.

New Cancel Button

When enabled, the new "Cancel Subscription" button will ask your customers a chance to tell you why they want to cancel before they end their subscription. The options are configurable.


Churn at a Glance

The new churn dashboard shows you month by month, why customers are cancelling. Giving you the chance to put it right.

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 18.14.29.png

 Plenty More to Come

We've got plenty more churn prevention features up our sleeves. Including

  • Pre-cancellation offers
  • Post churn emails

Let us know what else you would like to see through our support channel.

Create Stripe Customers Without Credit Cards 💳




Don't want to require credit cards for your free plan? The Stripe Checkout limitations are annoying so we've got you covered.

Under Payment Flow -> Advanced Settings you can enable the feature "Create a Customer in Stripe without payment"

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 20.37.46.png

This works with both the "pay now" and "pay later" checkout options.

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 20.47.19.png

Now your Free plan will create a customer directly in Stripe.

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 20.48.12.png

Highlight "Most Popular" Plan 🎨




Highlighting a plan gives potential customers a psychological anchor and can lead to higher spending and conversion rates. You can now highlight a plan by adding a border and wording such as "Popular".

Simply go to the page design settings and enable "Show border"


Note: You must have "Promoted Plan" enabled in the overall page settings (under the cog icon)

Bulk Generate Coupon Codes 📣




Are you launching a lifetime deal or something that requires hundreds or thousands of discount codes? Now you can generate them directly in PriceWell with our handy tool.


Simply, go to "Coupons" in the side-bar and fill out the form with how many coupons and what discount percentage you required. PriceWell will do all the work for you and give download link once the coupons are ready.