PriceWell changelog
PriceWell changelog

Create Stripe Customers Without Credit Cards 💳




Don't want to require credit cards for your free plan? The Stripe Checkout limitations are annoying so we've got you covered.

Under Payment Flow -> Advanced Settings you can enable the feature "Create a Customer in Stripe without payment"

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 20.37.46.png

This works with both the "pay now" and "pay later" checkout options.

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 20.47.19.png

Now your Free plan will create a customer directly in Stripe.

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 20.48.12.png

Highlight "Most Popular" Plan 🎨




Highlighting a plan gives potential customers a psychological anchor and can lead to higher spending and conversion rates. You can now highlight a plan by adding a border and wording such as "Popular".

Simply go to the page design settings and enable "Show border"


Note: You must have "Promoted Plan" enabled in the overall page settings (under the cog icon)

Bulk Generate Coupon Codes 📣




Are you launching a lifetime deal or something that requires hundreds or thousands of discount codes? Now you can generate them directly in PriceWell with our handy tool.


Simply, go to "Coupons" in the side-bar and fill out the form with how many coupons and what discount percentage you required. PriceWell will do all the work for you and give download link once the coupons are ready.

Choose available plans in Customer Portal 💳




Want to disable the downgrading of plans for your customers? You can now choose which of your plans a customer can switch to. This can be used to disable switching to free plans once a customer is paying or simply disabling downgrading.

Simply toggle the plans in the Customer Portal configuration in PriceWell.

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 21.04.47.png

You can still update your pricing at any time

Here's what the flow looks like for a customer.


Collect Cancellation Reason in Stripe Portal 💭




Prevent churn by finding out why your customers are cancelling. It's now possible to collect a cancellation reason directly from the Stripe Customer Portal.

Simply enable "Collect cancellation reason" in PriceWell and select which possible reasons your customers can choose.

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 15.11.58.png

The full flow from the Customer Portal looks like this:


Store Credit Card Details for later 💳




You can now use Payment Intents to store a customer's card details for later use. Is this what you are looking for? All you have to do is add data-charge-later="true" to your Pricing Page snippet.

It should look something like this:

<div id="pricewell-a506c336-a866-430b-99b3-347fba5b78f4" data-charge-later="true"></div><script src="" async=""></script>

Charging the saved card details

In Stripe, you can create a new "payment" from the Customer screen by going to Create -> Payment. You should see a dropdown containing the stored card details.

Apply Promo Codes at Checkout 🤑




It's now possible to apply a Stripe promotion/discount code at checkout with both the embedded Pricing Page and the web link.


Web Link

Simply add a parameter coupon=COUPON_ID to the end of the web link and the coupon (if valid) will be applied at checkout.


The snippet contains a div tag that looks like this

<div id="pricewell-a506c336-a866-430b-99b3-347fba5b78f4"></div>

Add an attribute data-coupon to this div to apply that coupon at checkout

<div data-coupon="COUPON_ID" id="pricewell-a506c336-a866-430b-99b3-347fba5b78f4"></div>

Coupon Ids come from Stripe

You will need to find your coupon id (App Id) from the Stripe dashboard. Note, this is not the same as a customer-facing coupon code.

Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 20.27.55.png

Plan Picker ⛏




If you run a SaaS business you will likely want to allow your customers to upgrade their plan directly from your site. Pricing Pages now have that ability built-in 💪


Simply head to "Page Settings" (using the cog at the bottom-right of the preview) and enable "Current Plan and Upgrade buttons". This change the button names for your plans.

⚠️ Note: You must provide a stripeId or email to your pricing page so we know which Stripe Customer you are referring to. If neither are provided (or the customer is not on one of the plans) the customer will be shown the checkout instead.

Pricing Page links

[New] Send a link directly to your Pricing Page, no website required! The page is styled using your chosen colors and shows your Pricing Page so customers can checkout with ease.


Customer Portal without a website 🖥




Got no website but still want your customers to manage their subscriptions? We've got you covered. You can now copy a direct link to a webpage containing your Customer Portal.

The page is styled using your chosen colors and lets your customers enter their email and receive a direct link to manage their subscription.


Note: You need to enable the Email Authentication feature for this to work.