Precisely changelog
Precisely changelog

Automate reminders on uploaded files


New Feature


To allow more automation for external contracts, users are now able to automate reminders for their uploaded documents.

Reminders can easily be added by

  • Clicking Templates in the top menu and selecting a specific template
  • Making sure the “Allow uploads” toggle is switched on, which enables users to upload files when drafting from the template
  • In the Uploaded files section, it is possible to set up reminder automation for uploaded files

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 14.35.51.png

Assign questions to external parties


New Feature


Draft contracts in collaboration with your external parties by assigning them specific parts of the questionnaire.

Assign questions 2.png

To do that, simply

  1. Select the questions to assign
  2. Enter your counterparties email

The counterparty receives an automated email, and their answers are auto-populated in the questionnaire. Read more

Custom address for automated emails


New Feature


Precisely's automated emails are triggered and sent to your team or your counterparties on different occasions, for example, in the case of approvals, reminders, reviews, the signing process, and more.

From now, we support these emails being sent from your company’s email address, instead of Precisely’s email domain.

Custom email setup is additional functionality. Read more

General improvements




We've improved the platform by adding the following:

  • the ability to expand the text box for long types of answers
  • when setting up a reminder, it's possible to see how much time (days/hours) there's left until the reminder will be triggered and sent
  • the exact date and time of the document review invitation
  • a more clear, alphabetical overview when selecting a template
  • an easier and more transparent overview of your users and team.

Let your signees sign contracts directly on your device




We’ve added the possibility to sign Precisely contracts directly in our platform, without emails being involved.

This means that your signees are able to sign agreements directly on your device (e.g. tablet or an iPad), which makes the entire signing process faster and more efficient if the signing takes place in person.

In-person signing 2.png

In-person signing is an additional feature. Read more about the functionality and the benefits.

API improvement: Embedded signing




We now support embedded signing as a part of our Public API.

This means that your signees can sign Precisely contracts directly in your own system - for example: your software, app or website. No emails involved.

Let your counterparties sign directly in your own environment, while all the contracting magic behind is being automated and securely stored in a single source of truth: Precisely - the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform. Read more

Sign Precisely contracts with Egreement




Precisely contracts can now also be signed with 🇸🇪Egreement: a Swedish electronic signature solution that lets your counterparties sign with:

  • click to eSign
  • Swedish BankID

P.S: You're even able to choose between the two methods for each signee separately. Read more

Sign contract with SmartID (the Baltics)




To enable more local e-signing cases, we now support signing contracts in Precisely with SmartID - a qualified electronic signature (QES) used in the three Baltic countries - Estonia🇪🇪, Lithuania🇱🇹, and Latvia🇱🇻.

Screenshot 2022-10-11 at 13.19.00.png

SmartID is a part of Precisely’s partnership with Scrive signing provider. We can either set up Precisely’s Scrive account for the customer, or they can use their own Scrive subscription. Read more

Formula warnings and error notifications




We've improved the error handling of formulas.

If there’s an invalid formula in the template - for example, the reference in it has been deleted from the settings - users will be directly notified in their template overview and the editor.

Invalid formula.png

Add Precisely reminders to your calendar




To improve visibility for the users and let them plan their work better, we've added the possibility to integrate users' Precisely reminders into their work calendar - such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

Google Calendar.png

Click here to read all about the installation.