Precisely changelog
Precisely changelog

Approval workflow improvements




To manage complex approval workflows more easily, we’ve improved warnings and notifications.

  1. When a user - who’s also been an approver - is removed from the organisation, you’re able to see which parts of the approval workflow are affected.

Approvals - Invalid User.png

  1. When an approval rule is a specific answer to a multiple-choice question, you’ll be warned if this answer is renamed or deleted.

Approvals - Invalid Rule.png

Sign contracts with Adobe Acrobat Sign




To enable more flexible signing, it is now possible to sign contracts in Precisely with Adobe Acrobat Sign.

By using Adobe Acrobat Sign in the Precisely Platform, users can

  • choose the placement of the signature in the contract
  • customize and add more detailed information about the signees
  • automatically add signees’ initials on the footer of every page

In order to be able to set up Adobe Acrobat Sign for your organization, users must have their own subscription. Are you already using Adobe Acrobat Sign and wish to connect it to Precisely? Just get in touch!

General improvements



  • Enabled amending documents with manually changed status to complete
  • Improved activity log by tracking document relationship changes
  • Added the possibility to collapse the header while drafting. This allows you to draft documents quicker by putting more focus on answering the questions.

Nesting conditional blocks




To allow even smarter template creation, you’re now able to create conditional blocks within conditional blocks.

Nesting conditions.png

Automated template conversion of [square_brackets_content] in Word files into Precisely references


New Feature


Users are now able to convert their Word files into smart Precisely templates even quicker!

In the Word file, variable parts should be written in [square_brackets].

Once imported, text in [square_brackets] will be automatically changed into Precisely reference and the question with the same name.

Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 10.57.43.png example of Word file with references in [squarebrackets]

Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 10.56.04.png example of automatically converted brackets into Precisely references

P.S: You can even set up specific types of answers for each reference already in Word, such as short text, numeric or date type of answer. Read more about template conversion.

Reuse previous answers from references and metadata to create a new document


New Feature


When using the Amend document feature, the answers to the references and metadata from the old document will automatically be included in the new project draft.

This means if you have the same references in the old and the new document, the answers can be reused.

Also, if you have metadata in the old document (e.g. Signing date metadata) with the same name as a reference in the new document (e.g. signing-date reference), the content will also be copied.

In other words, no need to re-type or re-answer anything in the new contract that has already been a part of the original document!

Autopopulated answers.png

New bulleted lists




To enable a more dynamic layout of templates, we’ve added new styles of bulleted lists:

  • green check marks
  • red cross marks
  • orange exclamation marks

Bullet lists.png

Restart numbering in Template Editor


New Feature


We've improved Template Editor by adding functionality to restart automatic numbering.

To easily manage automatic numbering, click on the number to either

  • restart numbering (change 4-5-6 to 1-2-3), or
  • continue the previous numbering (change 1-2-3 back to 4-5-6)

Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 15.43.32.png

Amend signed contracts


New Feature


Users are now able to amend a contract by drafting an amendment that only describes the changes and appends the old contract. To do this,

  • click Amend document next to the signed document you’d like to make changes to (e.g: Employee Agreement)
  • select an amendment template to start drafting the document that will describe the changes (e.g: Salary increase template)

The newly generated project will include a new document and the original document as an appendix.

On top of that, all signees from the old contract will be copied to the new amendment document.

Amend document.png

Preview contracts while drafting


New Feature


Users are now able to preview their documents during the drafting process.

Draft Preview 2.png

Note! To be able to use this feature in your organisation, admins must enable it in the organisation settings.