Precious Payload changelog
Precious Payload changelog

New release: May 17, 2022




We’ve brought our “Expedia for Space” concept into reality. We created the first online interface for the booking of commercially available launch slots and have built it into the Launch Schedule for Small Satellites, starting with

🚀 Turion Space

🚀 and Transporter 11 by SpaceX

missions pages.


The new launch pages have up-to-date information about service provider capabilities such as payload user guides, test requirements, hardware heritage, drop-off points, in-orbit maneuvers, risk analyses, and regulator requirements—everything payload engineers need to integrate proposed solutions into their mission designs.

This tool is a game-changer, allowing space companies to quickly evaluate their options for launch providers and spend expensive engineering time on actual engineering.

What else?




For Satellite Operators

As a SO, I can send a request again after canceling it.

For Launch Providers

As an LP, I receive notifications about Data Room updates



  • Added a pre-filled option for account creation form with phone/e-mail.
  • Updated sanitize rules to allow entering external links in markdown fields.
  • We disabled the ability to accidentally close the “Invite” modal window by clicking anywhere else.
  • The “invitation confirmation” menu was adapted to the text size, especially with larger email IDs.
  • Improved display of records to avoid overlapping at low resolution.
  • Added an error notification for users trying to log in for companies that have been deleted.
  • Implemented transfer to the following line of long file names to avoid overlapping.


  • Fixed display issues on mobile devices.
  • Fixed "Give a feedback" feature on the Launch Schedule.
  • Fixed the "User does not exist" error when searching for a profile on a company page.
  • Fixed incorrect display of team members on a company profile.
  • Fixed the "Maximum budget value" field in the “Create a request” page to be able to save the value entered.
  • Returned the ability to pick "Criteria for supplier selection" in the “Create a request” page.
  • Fixed saving issues for the "Headquarters location" and "Funding" columns in the “Company” menu.
  • Fixed date and time display in the “Expires at” column in the “User invite” menu.
  • Fixed spacing issues in the navigation panel.
  • Fixed bug with verifying the second authentication factor on the registration page.
  • Fixed hyperlink width in the Launch Schedule.