Precious Payload changelog
Precious Payload changelog

New release: April 27, 2022

[Main]📲📲📲 Platform started supporting mobile devices!




đź›° For Satellite Operators

  • As SO I can see the request list on my mission page.
  • As SO I can see responses to requests on my mission page.
  • Added mission search for the “Request Editor” page.
  • Added missions selector to the “Request Editor” page.

Screenshot 2022-05-17 at 20.31.20.png

  • Added extra fields for the request: budget expectation (select “I know my budget”, “I don’t know my budget”); maximum budget value (currency); “Are you fundraising for this project now?” (checkbox); criteria for a supplier selection (multiple selection — schedule, price, heritage); “Launch date” (Q + Year); “Launch date flexibility” (“Flexible”, “Strict requirement”); “I want to select a supplier in” (selector “1 Month”, “3 Months”, “6 Months”, “Later”).

What else?



  • The "Current Phase" field in the “Mission Details” menu became wider.
  • Added search country by the first letter for the "Headquarters Location" menu.
  • Disabled modal backdrop click.
  • Changed the way to store sidebar visibility state for mobile devices.
  • Changed modal behavior on mobile devices.
  • Added full-width button "Booking Closed" for the “Launch Schedule” page mobile view.
  • Added the ability to change the Satellite Operator’s and Launch Provider’s company page display on mobile devices.
  • Hid the company logo in the top bar on the desktop.
  • Increased toast showing time and used colors from UI Kit.


  • Returned the “Change Video” button for admin and supplier workspace.
  • Fixed the error, when the symbol "+" in the e-mail of the invited user will be erased.
  • Fixed displaying of the request sending page on mobile devices.
  • Fixed displaying of the “Request Creation” page on mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue with shared requests.
  • More fixes for ordering on missions and architectures responses.
  • Fixed displaying of the “Mission” page on mobile devices.
  • Fixed menu logic to show only requested architectures on Supplier's page.
  • Fixed bug with unchanged users’ avatars.
  • Repaired searchable multi-selector for closing after clicking on the value.
  • Fixed bug when SO was unable to change "Planned Launch Date”.
  • Fixed the "Each value in architectures must be a string” error appearing while creating a request.
  • Fixed incorrect redirect when a user tried to open a request by a link.
  • Fix inability to log in with phone number without + symbol entering correct code.
  • Fixed minor issues connected with operational algorithm modal and subsystem items.
  • Fixed the ability to return Supplier to Satellite Operator status from admin workspace.

New release: April 13, 2022




đź›° For Satellite Operators

  • As SO I can see the list of requests associated with my missions.
  • As SO I can see and track all requests and statuses in my account.
  • As SO I can add additional requirements for my request.
  • As SO I can change the company name.

🚀 For launch providers

  • As LP I can receive notifications about the mission’s Data Room updates.
  • As LP I can see and track all requests and statuses in my account.
  • As LP I can receive invitation links to join my company on Ctrl.ctrl platform.

What else?

  • Added skeleton preloader for a navigation bar.
  • Added modal form for Suppliers.
  • Implemented mechanism for sending requests to Suppliers.
  • Added overflowing scroll to the backdrop.
  • Added "Members" sections for SO, LP, and admin panel.
  • Added an additional field indicating the size of the company.
  • Implemented mobile layout with mobile header and burger menu.
  • Added response functionality to suppliers part of the Ctrl.ctrl Platform.
  • Added ability to invite users for Suppliers' and Satellite Operators' companies.


  • Improved “Launch Calculator”.
  • Improved the button “Edit” for a link with the company name.
  • Improved existing users’ invitation logic.
  • Improved scrolling functionality for supplier/admin workspaces.
  • Improved mission cards page at admin mission list.
  • Aligned all fields in the “Company Menu” panel.
  • Improved the process of uploading attached images.
  • Improved display of the mobile version of the site.
  • Updated authorization pages display for mobile devices.
  • Improved the “Launch Schedule” page.
  • Improved the “Supplier Creation” page.
  • Improved the “Mission Creation” page.
  • Improved the “Service Type” select form for Suppliers.
  • Added Company Name to the "Email Invitation" page.


  • Fixed request list chips and added actions menu.
  • Fixed links dancing behavior and close icon position.
  • Fixed auth bug with the “Send Code” button in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed bug with redirects for the Admin’s workspace.
  • Fixed “Operational Algorithm” modal and subsystem item.
  • Fixed creation of new requests from the admin page.
  • Fixed “Service Types” for the admin “Suppliers” page.
  • Fixed the “Dry mass” error in the admin panel.
  • Fixed links dancing behavior and close icon position.
  • Fixed ordering on missions and architectures responses.
  • Fixed minor bugs and made other minor edits to improve the UX and visuals of the various product sections.

Coming Soon

  • The Precious Payload Platform supporting mobile devices;
  • Satellite Operators can create a request for hosted payload and suborbital launches; and
  • last month we heard you and now, we are currently developing a feature that allows Launch Providers to edit/change/update their proposals after they have been submitted — this is amongst a bunch of new GUI/UX features that have already been improved or added to Satellite Operators and Service Providers’ dashboards.

Separated Files for Missions and Architectures




Saving valuable time for suppliers — also, adding further privacy protection for our satellite operators — only relevant files for any given mission at platform are displayed to launch providers.

This means that only mission files that fall under the scope of any launch provider’s capabilities are visible to them (after a satellite operator submits their mission request).

Satellite Operators Able to Create Multiple Architectures for any Given Mission






When companies on the Precious Payload platform create missions, they now have the ability to stack multiple predefined and custom architectures.

The various features at the sub-architectural level (e.g., mission level, spacecraft level, etc.) of expanded customization for any mission designer:

Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 13.38.25.png View of a Satellite Operator Multiple Mission Architectures

Launch.ctrl: Automated Sharing and Matching Algorithm




At Precious Payload’s product Launch.ctrl, we now support satellite operators’ requests with rapid processing and matching (with compatible launch providers).

What’s Next? 👀

The future depends on what we do in the present.” – Mahatma Gandhi

đź›° Upcoming Features for Satellite Operators:

  • Automated sharing and matching algorithm with accredited suppliers;

  • Separated files for missions and architectures;

  • New fields for additional requirements within requests; plus,

  • Support for CAD files.

🚀 Supplier’s Data Room, coming soon:

  • More comfortable work with CRM-like environment — real-time status updates for all requests; and
  • Supplier’s company description enables marketplace listing capabilities in Precious Payload’s premium tools — a robust marketing tool for the everyday engineer — commercial launch sub-schedules are rolling out (the first one is Launch.ctrl)/ with automated sharing of RFI/RFP requests.

Support for an Unlimited Number of Files from Different Platforms




View of Support for Unlimited Number of Files from Different Platforms

Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 17.23.16.png

Reach Text Editing && Markdown — Both Fully Supported






Markdown Support Feature


Unified Authorization Page






Streamlined onboarding for satellite operators and providers is now up and running (login to view).

Supplier’s Data Room: Updated User Interface




Once only accessible by launch providers, the newly-built Data Room makes every supplier type eligible (including, but not limited to: orbital launch providers; suborbital launch providers; hosted payload providers; insurance providers; and ground segment providers).

Supplier’s Data Room (updated user interface): Supplier logged in view (1).png

Supplier’s Data Room, features include

  • A supplier can see numerous types of requests (such as RFI,/RFP, and/or ROM price request);

  • Within the request, now visible:

  1. the satellite operator’s company description;
  2. mission (planned launch date, duration, current phase, goal, payload type, description); and
  3. shared mission’s architectures (more details on payload/payload variations);
  • Declining requests;
  • Reply to requests with proposals;
  • Details may be requested (feedback too); and
  • Easier lead onboarding, a supplier may now also view request statuses.