Postpace updates
Postpace updates

Topic report, brief and user management improvement.

  1. View content brief design bug is fixed.
  2. Notification for error when an email is already used in one account.
  3. Topic keyword added on the top of report page

Postpace content optimiser

  1. Postpace content optimiser is an entirely new module to automate content optimisation for both readers and search engines with guided suggestions and proprietary scoring system.

Indonesian & Hungarian language support

  1. Indonesian language support for topic report & content brief.
  2. Hungrarian language support for topic report & content brief.

Delete button for topic reports & briefs

  1. Delete button for topic reports.
  2. Delete button for content briefs.

Export topic report, save search preset & more

  1. Report download feature in CSV format.
  2. Report searching form in report list page
  3. Content brief search form in brief list page
  4. Topic report region and language preset settings
  5. Date format settings for whole workspace
  6. Monthly usage limit reset date in subscription page

Postpace content brief editor v2.0 release

  1. Note taking field for headlines and sub-headlines.
  2. Note taking field for related keywords.
  3. Automatic URL attachment and note taking field for related questions.
  4. Drag and drop transfer capability between headlines, related keywords and questions.
  5. Save content with "Enter" button while editing content brief.

Create report & brief in 34 languages

  1. Topic report and content brief language support released for all major language including Deutsch, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Hindi, Indonesian, Vietnamese and 24 more languages.

Report processing and data improvement

  1. Report processing speed improved to 25 seconds.
  2. Data accuracy improved using language processors.
  3. UX improved for report page.

UX and data speed optimisation

  1. Role management privilege for content brief
  2. Improvement of content metrics graph in topic report
  3. Content brief editor design improvement

Content brief share module

  1. Content brief share url with public view privilege
  2. Content brief formatting & copying button