Portal.Surveysensum changelog
Portal.Surveysensum changelog

Ability to change the Brand Logo size in your survey





Now you can use your brand logo in 3 sizes in your survey, This will make your brand stand out in front of your audience.



  • Also there are no more logo overlap issue with the choose language option within a multilingual survey,

Fixes in Report so you can use Report more seamlesly





  1. Clear filter option is now working.

  2. You can now see other choice option inside the responses tab and when you export data from reports. Previously when you used Other choice option in the Multichoice question in your survey, you could not see responses inside reports.

  3. There was a small glitch once you opened the filters, it has been fixed now


Customize the submit button text for Information question






  • Now you can change the button text of the last question while using the information question. Just go to the settings of the information question and change the text of the button.

Filters on survey metrics now works seamlessly






  • Clear filter is now working with open-ended responses.

  • Now the count of responses will be filtered out with respect to the filters applied.

Never miss a feature update!





If we release a new feature and make improvements, while you're logged in to platform, you will be notified. Just refresh the page to load the latest version.


Customize navigation button appearance





Customise how the Next/Previous buttons appear to respondents. Choose between 3 options.


UI fixes for share email and create survey in Safari browser





Our team has fixed glitches in the interface faced by Safari users, so they get an improved experience while creating surveys and sharing them via emails.

Question number in survey





Customize your questionnaire with the labels on question

  • You can have a question number in all questions.

  • Customize the labels of question number according to your need.

  • You can hide/unhide the question number for respondents.

Filter reponses to see Survey metrics in Reports





You can apply filters on survey responses on the survey metrics page. Filters are used to segment data on the basis of contact properties & questions. For example, if you have to check the NPS score by Age group, you can use this property in filters and see the filtered data.

For Example in this data, we can filter by lifecycle stage of the respondent & also NPS group.


Employee Experience(EX) surveys on-demand





Users can get customisable, pre-designed templates for EX surveys, by contacting our team.