Pod changelog
Pod changelog

Your Notes, all-in-one place 📝

Long comes are the days where your notes are all over the place

We've heard from many users that note-taking was a core part of their daily workload - account plans, meeting notes, scorecards, and more.

Unfortunately, today, each and every rep has their own way to track notes, oftentimes using disconnected systems where information is difficult to retrieve information.

We want to elevate the note-taking experience from a punitive one to a more insightful, collaborative, and helpful experience for reps. We just launched our Document Hub - a single place where you can manage all your documents.

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Pod's Document Hub offers the following functionalities to our users:

  • Review summary of notes for your whole organization
  • Review private and shared notes
  • Search, sort, and filter notes based on a variety of criteria (i.e., type, opportunity, owner)
  • Create rich notes in a text editor synced in real-time: configure headings and include links, images, tables, etc.
  • Assign documents to specific meetings
  • Sync document to Salesforce, to a specific opportunity, account, or contact
  • And more.

We are starting with notes and eventually expanding to sales enablement - bringing together the most relevant playbooks, templates, and presentation decks to help you have the best sales discussions.

Pod is the only sales solution built for you, not your boss 💪