Pod changelog
Pod changelog

Task tracking, at your fingertips ✅

We all know Monday.com & Asana are way too complicated for you. Pod task manager is built just for you. Simple & Easy.

As an account executive, you constantly have 50 different balls in the air at once. Between all your admin work, your prospects to follow up with, and proposals to draft, it's too easy to forget about one.

We want to make it easy for you to stay on top of your work and stay organized. We are introducing Pod's new Task Manager.

No need to maintain a static list of tasks on your notepad or be buried in stickies. Track your tasks within Pod's all-in-one sales workspace.

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Pod's Task Manager includes the following functionalities:

  • Access your tasks from anywhere on Pod through our floating tile
  • View your full list of tasks
  • Create a new task, with customizable fields (i.e., title, due date, owner)
  • Assign and Sync tasks to specific Salesforce opportunities or contact
  • Mark individual tasks as completed and delete old ones

We will not pretend like we are reinventing the wheel here - we just want to offer our users a simple, yet helpful task management option directly in Pod, so they don't have to maintain one elsewhere.

Bringing the power back to the reps 💪