Pod changelog
Pod changelog

Salesforce Integration ☁️

Pod is now integrated directly with your favorite enterprise CRM!

We know how foundational your CRM is to your sales operations: structured data management, improved visibility, more accurate forecast, and more.

However, we also know that there is not a single account executive who enjoyed updating their CRM. We want to make this experience faster, more intuitive, and more insightful for sales reps.

We are introducing Pod's Pipeline View - a unified dashboard where you can navigate and update your pipeline without EVER going into Salesforce.

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Core features released:

  • Review your company's opportunities, accounts, leads, and contacts
  • Update any fields and directly sync the changes to Salesforce
  • Configure your view, specifying the columns of your table
  • Sort and search for a specific item
  • Filter using multi-factor logic
  • Create a new opportunity, account, lead, and contact
  • Assign new contact to an opportunity (including their role and whether it is a primary contact)
  • and more…

Through this integration, Pod can save you 2-3 hours per week. This is time you can spend on prepping for an important customer call or getting coached.

Bringing the power back to the reps 💪