Pod changelog
Pod changelog

Prioritize like a pro - Pod Customer score 🎯

Time is the only finite resource. Better use it wisely. Pod helps you know where you focus, effortlessly

You all have 20, 30, 40, or even 50 deals in your pipeline at any given time. That's a lot. We heard from our users that they get in front of their computer on a Monday, wondering whether they should work on this shiny new deal that might close next month or work on reactivating neglected deals.

But how to know? So many things in the decisions.

Pod's Customer Engagement Score is an easy way to quickly know where to focus your time - which deals need your attention. Our AI-powered score is specifically calculated for your pipeline and the type of deals you focus on

Pod's Customer Engagement Score is based on a variety of factors:

  • The funnel velocity of your delas
  • The number of customer touchpoints in the past month
  • The number of customer stakeholders involved so far.
  • More to come (i.e., email sentiment analysis, call analysis)

We help our reps make smart decisions on which opportunities to focus on, versus which ones to stop burning energy on. Less time on low-value work. More time on selling.

Bringing the power back to the reps 💪