Pod changelog
Pod changelog

Navigate crazy fast - Universal Search Bar 🔭




Sellers don't have a single second to waste. No time to click in 5 different places to access the record or document you are looking for. It has to be lightning fast - it's a non-negotiable.

We understand that sellers have fragmented workflows today - navigating through a sea of different tools and different tabs. By bringing everything together, we help sellers save 10+ hours per week in low-value work. We want to help sellers save every possible second of wasted time.

We are introducing Pod's Universal Search Bar. We've collaborated with the amazing team at CommandBar to offer Pod users the ability to navigate through the application in no more than 1 click.

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Pod's Universal Search Bar includes the following functionalities:

  • Navigate through the different pages of the application (i.e., Pipeline view, Calendar View, Document Hub, and more)
  • Open an existing document
  • Create a new Salesforce record (i.e., opportunity, contact, lead, account)
  • Access quick actions (i.e., new activity logged, new meeting, new document)
  • Access user settings & sign-out
  • Much more…

The same Pod experience - even faster and simpler to use!

Remove the noise. Close more deals 🔥