Pod changelog
Pod changelog

Google Integration 🗓

With the new Activity Hub, we are improving your visibility on deal progress

We've heard from sales reps how important tracking deal activities was in their day-to-day. It provides them with a clear understanding of how their pipeline is progressing, which stakeholders are involved, and much more.

This way, reps always stay on top of their pipeline and move deals faster down the funnel.

This is why making it easy for reps to view deal-specific activities and log them to Salesforce was critical. And it all starts by connecting with Google Workspace. We just launched our Activity Hub, building an overview of key activities and simplifying the Salesforce sync experience.

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Pod's Activity Hub includes the following functionalities:

  • Direct integration with Google Calendar and Google Mail
  • Automated routing of meetings & calendar to specific deals
  • Categorization of events: Customer meeting, internal meeting, call, email
  • Review of event-specific details (e.g., date & time, attendees, hyperlink, description, etc.)
  • Log Google meetings directly into Salesforce in 1 click
  • Manually log-in activity in Salesforce using Pod simple form
  • Get alerts for inactive opportunities or upcoming meetings

One of our core value propositions is to make it easy for reps to access critical information. This new feature is a testament to this mission!

Bringing the power back to the reps 💪