Bio Link feature Update

The initial work on the bio link feature has been started. You can visit this link to see how a sample bio link page will look:

In the next few days, the ability to manage which links will show on your profile will be available for all users.

Installed SSL Certificate

To improve security we have installed an SSL certificate. Now we are officially at

New Spuds Page

A new page was created to allow users to manage their spuds. Prior to this the app had the ability to create new spuds (shortened links) and to view the a user’s top 10 spuds in the last 30 days. With the new feature a user can change the description of the spud in the Spuds page and search through all existing Spuds.

Update - New Feature

In the next few days, a new feature will be released. As of today no new bugs have been reported so all efforts will be put into the development of the new feature.

Copy on iOS

The copy button in iOS now works correctly.

  • The next feature that will be implemented is a page where users can see all of their spuds even if they haven't received any hits.

Copy on Website

Once a spud was generated the copy button did not work correctly on iOS devices. This issue was corrected on the website. The same fix will be applied shortly to the dashboard application.

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