Customise the format of your invoice numbers

You can now set a prefix, suffix or even start your invoices from a specific number!

Click here to visit our help centre for more information.

📝 Edit and delete comments

You can now easily edit or delete comments after you've posted them.

📱🎉 Brand new mobile apps!

We've completed re-built our mobile apps from scratch to offer you a faster and smoother experience!

Visit our downloads page for the links:

October update

  • Input loses focus when creating task groups.
  • Dragging tasks caused them to duplicate.
  • Repeated tasks didn't inherit custom fields.
  • Deleted profiles comes back.
  • Removed profiles still show under the contributors tab of a project.
  • Issues uploading files or connecting to Google Drive.
  • Filters by due dates or assignee didn't work as expected.
  • Contractor could view invoices in the calendar view.
  • Tasks completed by others was shown as it has been completed by the creator instead.
  • Tasks didn't save new position when was dragged and dropped.

🎉 New Version 🎉

This release is all about making sure the Plutio you love is smooth, fast and bug free! So it is mostly bug fixes and improvements. 😍

BUT, we have few new features for you too 😜

✅ You can now easily move tasks btween projects, tasks groups and boards!

✅ You can now create a default "notes and terms / footer" for invoices.

✅ Search and filters now saves until you clear them.

Brand new notifactions dashboard! 😱

✅ Control how and when you receive notifications.

✅ Mark multiple notifications as read.

✅ Improved activity feeds.

✅ New notifications for @mentions and task followers.

✅ Improved email and push notifications.

🔮Tip: To access your new notifications settings dashboard, hover over your business name or logo on the top left to open it.

New version with tons of bug fixes and improvements all around! 🎉🙌

✅ Apply filters to People, Projects, Invoices and Tasks.

🤔 use case: you can use the tag option to categories your contacts, and then filter them based on their tags - for example, filter everyone with the tag "lead" or "high end client" or "logo designer" etc...

✅ Improved text editor for project briefs and tasks description.

✅ Mention someone using the @ tag.

✅ Add followers to tasks so they're kept in the loop effortlessly.

✅ Expand project briefs to full-screen for more view space.

✅ Enhanced People profiles and badges.

✅ Improved in-app back buttons.

✅ New clear buttons to inputs such as filters and search for quick reset.

✅ New settings dashboard.

Respond From Your Email

You can now reply to comments, conversations and chat messages directly from your inbox!

Email notifications will be sent when you're away from Plutio and receive new comment or message.

Feature Rich Text Editor

You can now format the text in your task descriptions, comments, project briefs and conversations.

Notifications Centre 📢

Receive instant notifications from your clients and contributors right in your new notifications centre.

You will receive notifications for:

  • New comments.
  • When a task is delegated to you.
  • When a task is completed.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Plutio will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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