AutoCAD for Project Drawings

With my graphic design background, the tools of choice for designing gardens have been Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. Turns out the real world isn’t measured in pixels, but inches and feet.

We jumped on that New Years sale thanks to AutoDesk, and are up and running with AutoCAD LT for accurate two dimensional drawings. 📐

Tool Upgrades

We've been focused on getting more efficient with our process, in order to create a more sustainable business. Some of that work has included upgrading our tools. ⚒️

  • Dewalt Power Tool System
  • Outdoor Measuring Tape
  • Carhartt Plantkind Uniform
  • Official On-Site Clipboard
  • Truck Bed Tool Box Storage

Calendly for Scheduling

We're aiming to spend less time emailing back and forth to find a time, and more time with our hands in the soil. Calendly is the best for scheduling our project meetings and on-site consults with clients.

Reminders for meetings and credit card payments for consults means more time outside with our plant friends. 📅

Invoice Payments through ACH Transfers

Streamlined our payments system, better for everyone involved. No need to write a check and put a stamp on the envelope. We’re able to accept ACH payments.

Clients simply log-in securely to their bank account through Plaid and the funds are transferred. Don’t worry about remembering your Account and Routing numbers.

Instead of 3% credit card processing fees, ACH payments are only 1%. When you’re working on a $50K garden project, that can make a bit of a difference. 💸

Mulch and Pebble Sample Kit

Curated selection of options that are available for each of our garden projects. Thanks to Sloane for her expert eye as we prepared our sample kit out in the rock yard.

Based on the product catalog of our pals at American Soil, in Richmond, California. 🧰

Reducing Garden Care clients

While we love visiting our gardens monthly for a half day, we’ve realized our passion is on the design side of things. Now we're glad to be partnering with our trusted friends throughout the Bay Area to provide on-going garden maintenance services.

We’re sketching out ways to take this even further and grow a collective platform for garden care services that benefits everyone, including the bees. 🍂

Offshoot Newsletter Updates

We're starting to share even more through our Offshoot newsletter. We've updated a hand full of aspects for the newsletter. 📬

  • Improved Offshoot logo design
  • Moved the "plant prompt" section to the top
  • Inviting you to share each newsletter in the footer
  • Behind the scenes settings in Mailchimp to ensure proper delivery

Shop on Instagram

All set up for shopping right in the Instagram app! On the @plantkind profile you can check out the shop tab. It's connected to our Shopify store so you'll be all set to check out and place an order from there. 🛒