Placid changelog
Placid changelog

Introducing Placid for Ghost 👻

We are stoked about our new nocode integration! Now you can easily automate the social card images for your Ghost publication.

Placid now connects to the Ghost API and updates the social card images of your content automatically.

  • ✨ Generate Facebook- and Twitter card images for the posts and pages in your Ghost publication
  • ✍️ Use your content in your images: Headlines, images, tags, author infos
  • ⚙️ Nocode setup using native Ghost settings
  • ⏱️ Create and update images whenever you hit publish
  • 🛡️ Non-destructive automations make sure to not override your existing share images (unless you want us to)
  • 👁️ Preview your images directly in Ghost

Our friends at Ghost published an official integration guide, if you want to read more.