Placid changelog
Placid changelog

Introducing: PDF generation




We now support PDF generation additionally to images & videos! 📄✨

It's available via our REST API and Studio form, as well as our Zapier and Make (Integromat) integrations. We know many of you have been waiting for this to generate their certificates and other personalized documents, so we hope you'll love it 💙


You can use your existing templates to generate PDFs, switching to our new PDF API endpoint, or the Create PDF actions in Zapier / Make (Integromat). Our goal was to make this super flexible for you!

Placid filetype switch

Our API also supports generating multi-page PDFs with merged pages generated from one or multiple templates.

PDF (and video) generation will soon be available in most integrations. We have added an article in our help section with an overview of what is available where, and what is planned.

If you need anything, let's talk in the live chat 💬

New Layer for Barcodes & QR-Codes 🔢




Many of you have been already using QR-codes and barcodes in your templates with some workarounds. Now we've made it 1000% easier for you with our new barcode layers 🥳

Placid QR code Layer

  • Choose from different code types like QR, UPC or EAN codes
  • Choose a pretty color 🦋
  • Fill in your values via our API, Studio or integrations, and your images (or videos) will show the correct code

Placid EAN code Layer

Need some other code type? No problem! Let us know via live chat or mail 💬

Video Generation for Placid Studio




Video generation is now also available via our Studio forms, additionally to our API! Use it to quickly generate videos for your projects on-demand.

Fill the picture layers in your templates with image or video media and just click download to get your freshly generated creatives 💫

Additionally, our Studio form got a little refresh and is (hopefully) even easier to use now. For example, it also displays an overview of recently generated Studio visuals now! (3).gif

WordPress: Fill layers with page URLs




In our WordPress plugin, you can now choose the current page or post URL as data for text or browser layers.

Choose it when mapping your layers for Open Graph images or other on-demand assets ✌️

Put your page URLs on images with Placid for WordPress

Drop Shadows 🕳️




We added a drop shadow option for your layers, additionally to our existing box shadows. This means that it's now possible to add shadows directly to the shapes of SVGs and transparent PNGs.

Toggle through the options in the shadow settings to see how it's different from outside / inside box shadows!


Introducing: Video generation API 🎬️




We've been busy working on a huge addition to our toolkit: Video generation! Starting today, you can create videos from your Placid templates via our REST API.

Give it a try and tell us all about what you like and need!

Placid video generation example

The highlights

  • 🤩 Use your existing templates to generate videos (yay!)
  • 🖼️ Fill one or more picture layers of your templates with video files
  • 🎨 All effects (like filters or shadows) from picture layers work on video
  • ✂️ Your generated video adapts to the duration of your source video file
  • 🎬️ Generate videos from multiple templates as back-to-back clips
  • 🔈️ Your generated video includes your source file's audio tracks
  • ⚙️ The video API offers all the options you already know from image generation like modifications for filenames, transfer to your s3 buckets and more

We've put a lot of thought into the inner workings so we can offer you super flexible video generation tools 💜

What's coming up?

What you can see now is just like the tip of the iceberg of what we have been building. We'll keep working on it and releasing new parts in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned for video settings in our template editor, transitions and of course usage via our nocode integrations soon!

New preset designs 🖼️




Another addition to our preset library! We created some new designs for popular use cases: Ads for holiday deals, testimonials, webinars and more.

Enjoy! ☀️

Placid template designs

Airtable: Use records from your custom views




A few weeks ago, we introduced filters for your Placid Airtable actions. They let you set up custom filter criteria for the records used in your automations.

To support an even more flexible setup for filtering, we added another option: You can now also use existing views in your Airtable table as a source for your Placid actions!

For the ultimate filterception you can use our filters to filter your already filtered views 🤓

Filter on!

Airtable view as Placid source

Placid Mobile SDK 📱




Another great way to integrate Placid in your projects: We now offer iOS & Android SDKs for on-device image generation in your mobile apps!

Our native SDKs include everything you need to build image automations for custom share screens and other personalized visuals.

  • Offline, on-device image generation
  • Unlimited generated images for a flat credit fee per license
  • Dynamic in-app previews

Placid Mobile SDK examples

To try it out, add a mobile integration to your Placid project and choose a (demo) license to work with our SDKs!

Zapier: Choose your own filenames ⚙️




If you're automating with our Zapier app, you'll find a new setting for filenames!

Output Filename setting in Placid Zapier action

Use the Output Filename option in your Create Image actions to decide how your generated images will be named.

Placid Zapier filename examples

(This will soon be available for other integrations as well 👀)