Placid changelog
Placid changelog

API: Customization options for layer position and size ↕️↔️





You can now change the position and size of template layers through our APIs.

The properties position_x, position_y, width and height can be used on any layer type, and accept relative (+10px / -10px) or absolute (350px or 50%) values.

Check the REST API or URL API docs for examples & more info!

Image Generation API v2.0 🔥





We have released a new version of our REST and URL APIs 💜 This is an update of the core of our product, so we're pretty excited!

Placid has grown from being a simple URL API to supporting a variety of integrations which are all powered by the same core. While this evolution makes us super proud, it has been time for some changes.

We improved the structure of both the URL and REST API to make them easier to read and use, based on the feedback we collected over time. The new API version is also the groundwork for a bunch of new customization options that will be added in the next weeks 👀

The new version is of course available for all customers. If you have any questions or feedback please reach out via our in-app live chat or mail (

What does that mean for your implementation?

The API endpoints stayed the same, and all implementations of v1 will continue to be functional indefinitely – but we recommend migrating to v2 if you want to be able to use new features.

Introducing Placid for Integromat 🛠️





You can now connect our API to more than 650 apps with Integromat 🎉

Create nocode workflows using image automations with data from Google Sheets, CRMs, survey tools and many more apps – just add a Placid Integromat module to your custom scenarios.

We're excited to see what you build with it! Check out our Integromat setup guide to see how it works.

A new dashboard 👀





We added a little in-app dashboard that helps you monitor your image generation. It shows you:

  • How many images you generated in the last 30 days to give you an impression of your usage - especially if you use a lot of set-and-forget automations
  • How many images are currently queued
  • An estimate of how long it will take to generate the queued images
  • A more detailed activity log of the last 24 hours to help you debug

We kept things minimal for now and are looking forward to hearing what you think about it ✌️

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-11 um 15.26.16.png

WordPress plugin API functions ⚙️





We repeatedly get requests from WordPress users who want to further customize our plugin. So we had a few undocumented functions up our sleeves for a while that we tested with those who asked. (Yes, talking with us sometimes unlocks easter eggs!)

Now they're officially documented:

Stability & performance improvements 🧘‍♂️





In the last weeks we worked a lot on server stability and render time improvement for our image generation API. We'll continue working on this, obviously – but we've made some major steps forward and feel like patting ourselves on the back.

Sorry, no flashy features to show you here: These things are best if they are invisible 😉

Zapier v1.1.0 📦️





We published a new version of our Zapier app! This version offers additional support for long and complex Zapier flows.

Previously, if you needed to handle a lot of data for your Placid images, Zapier would sometimes say "nah" and give you a timeout before we got to generating your image. Now you can send the image to a queue and retrieve it via its ID later.

No timeouts, no problems 😎

If you use v1.0.0 of our integration, you can update without worrying. There are no breaking changes.

Transparent canvas support 🖼️





As per popular request, you can now set your template's canvas to transparent! 🎉 Doing this makes us deliver PNG files automatically.

Edit your templates to activate this canvas setting. Have fun with this – we're sure this will power a lot of creative use cases 👀

Placid for Webflow: Support for reference fields ↗️





You can now map reference fields from your Webflow collections to elements in your Placid templates. This gives you access to all of the fields of the referenced items as well. Fieldception! 🤓

This makes the mapping even more flexible, and supports clean content modeling in Webflow.

Airtable automation scripts 😮





We worked on making Airtable automations more convenient for you and your customers! We now offer two nifty scripts:

▶️ Start automations within Airtable

Add a button inside of your Airtable base that starts all Placid actions to generate all your images.

🔄 Auto-updating automation

Using the new awesome Airtable automations, we can now regenerate your images automatically as soon as you edit a record. This script starts all Placid actions and overwrites existing images for the edited record.

Not going to lie, seeing the images update in real-time is super satisfying to watch. Please try it out and tell us what you think!

Find customized scripts for these actions in your project settings ✌️