Placid changelog
Placid changelog

Introducing: Video generation API 🎬️




We've been busy working on a huge addition to our toolkit: Video generation! Starting today, you can create videos from your Placid templates via our REST API.

Give it a try and tell us all about what you like and need!

Placid video generation example

The highlights

  • 🤩 Use your existing templates to generate videos (yay!)
  • 🖼️ Fill one or more picture layers of your templates with video files
  • 🎨 All effects (like filters or shadows) from picture layers work on video
  • ✂️ Your generated video adapts to the duration of your source video file
  • 🎬️ Generate videos from multiple templates as back-to-back clips
  • 🔈️ Your generated video includes your source file's audio tracks
  • ⚙️ The video API offers all the options you already know from image generation like modifications for filenames, transfer to your s3 buckets and more

We've put a lot of thought into the inner workings so we can offer you super flexible video generation tools 💜

What's coming up?

What you can see now is just like the tip of the iceberg of what we have been building. We'll keep working on it and releasing new parts in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned for video settings in our template editor, transitions and of course usage via our nocode integrations soon!

New preset designs 🖼️




Another addition to our preset library! We created some new designs for popular use cases: Ads for holiday deals, testimonials, webinars and more.

Enjoy! ☀️

Placid template designs

Airtable: Use records from your custom views




A few weeks ago, we introduced filters for your Placid Airtable actions. They let you set up custom filter criteria for the records used in your automations.

To support an even more flexible setup for filtering, we added another option: You can now also use existing views in your Airtable table as a source for your Placid actions!

For the ultimate filterception you can use our filters to filter your already filtered views 🤓

Filter on!

Airtable view as Placid source

Zapier: Choose your own filenames ⚙️




If you're automating with our Zapier app, you'll find a new setting for filenames!

Output Filename setting in Placid Zapier action

Use the Output Filename option in your Create Image actions to decide how your generated images will be named.

Placid Zapier filename examples

(This will soon be available for other integrations as well 👀)

New preset designs 🎨




There are some new preset designs available again! The colourful additions can be used for sharing podcasts, quotes, events or user achievements (e.g. personalized workout stats of your app users).

Take a look for some inspiration, or use them to generate images for yourself right away ✨


Airtable: Record filtering 🔥




A super powerful update for users of our Airtable integration: We added options to filter Airtable records in your Placid action setup!

This means you can now specify conditions that your records have to meet before the action generates images.

  • Filter for records where the checkbox field "approved" is true
  • Filter for records that have a specific tag in your Airtable
  • Filter for records where a field is not empty

You can combine the filters with an AND / OR logic to create more complex conditions as well.

This feature makes it easier to set up multiple actions / templates for a diverse dataset 💪

Placid Airtable filter examples

API: Endpoint to retrieve template data 📦️




We added a templates endpoint to our REST API. Use it to retrieve template data from your projects, including IDs, template titles and infos about dynamic layers!

With this endpoint (and maybe some of our SDK components?) you can e.g. build custom UIs for choosing between templates, or data for dynamic layers in your backend.

Support for multiple integrations ⚙️




Do you want to use both our API and a nocode tool like Zapier to generate images for one single project? You can now add multiple Placid integrations!

We worked hard to make it possible to use a custom combination of Placid integrations while not making the setup more complicated for everyone 💪 You'll only see the settings you need, and get custom setup guidance in the app.

Multiple Placid integrations

Editor: Background blur for glass effects 🤍




By popular request you can now use the blur effect on shape elements in your templates to create backdrop blurs 🙌

Add it together with a bit of transparency for a nice milk glass-like look – all layers behind the shape will automatically be blurred!

Placid Editor background blur effect

Editor: Gradients, gradients, gradients 🌈




More colours please! You can now create super-custom gradients for your shapes and texts 🤩

Add elements in the colors of a rainbow or sunset, or use partially transparent gradients for overlays: The settings support adding as many colours as you want, choosing between linear and radial gradients, and setting different angles.

As always, we added a collection of presets for your inspiration!

Placid Editor gradient settings