Summer cleanup

Two times a year we reserve one week for fixing or improving stuff that piles up in our TODO bucket.

Here's what we did during the last week of August:

  • accounts created using Google can now set passwords and sign in using their email and password (along with their Google sign in)
  • we now log failed sign-in attempts and show them in the sessions page of your Pipe account; we've also added a link to quickly geolocate any IP used to sign in
  • bug: fixed a minor issue with the Flash client showing text behind the sound icon when recording audio
  • we've switched to using the CDN by default in all the newly generated embed codes
  • bug: we've fixed the unclickable upload video icon in the desktop client
  • bug: webhook data sent from the Pipe account area using the test webhook form or the retry failed webhook function was not properly urlencoded leading to ampersands in referrer URLs to cause all sorts of problems when receiving the webhook data
  • deleting recordings through the REST API is now a lot faster
  • the Recording Recovery mechanism which kicks in when a user loses connection without saving the video is now a lot more visible in the Pipe account area and in the documentation
  • we've updated the Recording Recovery mechanism to not recover recordings that are empty (0kb), nonexistent or <= 325bytes
  • bug: downloading videos through the account area from our US bucket now works as expected
  • secret access key for S3 is now hidden in the UI just like a password
  • added a direct link to the documentation from the Pipe account area
  • S3 logs now include the bucket folder