Pipe changelog
Pipe changelog

More Data Transparency





In light of GDPR coming into effect May 25th we've made a few changes to make all the data we collect (as processors in GDPR speak) for our clients more easily available to them (as controllers).

Updates to our REST API:

  • GET https://api.addpipe.com/video/all and GET https://api.addpipe.com/video/xyz will also return the public IPv4 of the device used to record the video.

Updates to our webhooks:

  • The video_recorded webhook will also POST info about the:
    • ip of the used device
    • camera name
    • microphone name
    • user agent

Updates to the Pipe account area:

  • the referer is now shown for each video (it was already avb. through the REST API and webhooks)

We've also revised our documentation to correctly reflect the data sent through webhooks and available through the REST API.