Pinger changelog
Pinger changelog

Some improvements based on your feedback





We're keep on working on fixing bugs and improving UX. Today we've published some changes based on your feedback!

So, here they are:

  1. Since there were two "Notifications" links which might have been confusing, we renamed user notifications to alerts. Alerts is where you get notified if something went wrong, while monitor notifications is the way we notify you about outages

  2. We have explicitly shown where the monitor notifications settings so that you don't miss them

Screenshot at May 30 19-42-16.png

  1. We added "View Status Page" button for your convenience

Screenshot at May 30 19-44-52.png

  1. Removed highlighting of monitor list items since it was a bit misleading because there weren't any actions related to this highlighting

  2. Fixed broken logo in password reset email

  3. Changed the look of "Edit Profile" button which is now easy to spot