Pinger changelog
Pinger changelog

New Pricing!





We have introduced a new pricing model.

Before there were three subscription plans. So, if you had only 1 monitor, you had to pay for the plan which includes 10 monitors.

From now you pay only for what you use. So, now we charge only for checks usage.

There are several benefits to this approach:

  1. If you have only one monitor, you'll pay $0.5 - $2.5 depending on locations/frequency set
  2. You can easily drastically reduce the pricing if you set up less frequency or disable some nodes. Usually, you don't need all the nodes enabled, as well as 1-minute frequency checks.

Screenshot at Nov 08 21-42-18.png

Webhook notifications






Now you're able to setup webhook notifications for your sites.

Just put the link of your webhook and we'll send you POST request every time your site becomes online/offline.

Screenshot at Oct 16 18-51-17.png

Monitor Tags





Now you can add tags for your monitors.

It is useful for quick filtering, especially if you have a lot of monitors. Later on, we plan to go further with tags. For example, adding monitors on status pages based on some tag.

Screenshot at Oct 04 22-18-08.png

IPv6 Support





If it happens that you have IPv6 address we now are able to check its uptime as well as we do for IPv4 addresses.

Even though it's not that popular some users asked us to add this and we did :)

Custom domains for status pages





Now you can setup custom domain names for status pages.

Screenshot at Sep 06 00-23-50.png

In order to do that you should create a CNAME record in your domain DNS settings and point it to

For example, if you you want to display status page in domain, the record should look like:

CNAME status

Pay attention that the first time you open the status page it'll take some time to generate SSL certificate for your domain, so it'll take a little bit longer to load the page. This will happen only on first load.

Status page incidents!





Finally we have deployed status pages incidents.

This is kind of standard feature for status pages when you need to display what has been happening with your services for the past few days. In our case we displayed incidents for the past 30 days.

Later on we'll add an option so that you users be able to subscribe for incidents updates via email. Stay tuned!

Screenshot at Aug 25 21-15-02.png

New monitor setting





It happens pretty often that your site is down for a minute or so, due to some temporary problems.

We know it's annoying to get spam notifications like when your site was down for a minute and then instantly recovered.

That's why we added a special setting. You can now setup for how long your site should be down in order to get notifications.

Screenshot at Jul 23 21-11-36.png

Status pages update





It's been quite a long time since we have published any updates. The reason is we've been working on gathering some analytical data for future use.

So, right now we collect such information as:

  1. Historical uptime for every hour without any limitation. At least for now we're able to keep the whole history for years, later on we might change it to one year
  2. Historical response time for every hour
  3. Breakdown of response time for every hour, including such things as DNS lookup, time to connect etc.

We haven't yet finished integrating this into the design, but first steps are done. This is how the public status pages look now:


We're going to put much more information here and in monitor overview soon!

Recent updates

  1. Fixed trial subscription label (previously it showed wrong number of monitors)
  2. Added small icon for changelog which indicates that it'll open a new tab
  3. Optimized monitor overview. Previously it took much time to open due to world map initialization
  4. Tweaked monitor overview widgets a bit:

Screenshot at Jun 05 19-20-19.png

  1. Fixed bug related to access to public status pages

Some improvements based on your feedback





We're keep on working on fixing bugs and improving UX. Today we've published some changes based on your feedback!

So, here they are:

  1. Since there were two "Notifications" links which might have been confusing, we renamed user notifications to alerts. Alerts is where you get notified if something went wrong, while monitor notifications is the way we notify you about outages

  2. We have explicitly shown where the monitor notifications settings so that you don't miss them

Screenshot at May 30 19-42-16.png

  1. We added "View Status Page" button for your convenience

Screenshot at May 30 19-44-52.png

  1. Removed highlighting of monitor list items since it was a bit misleading because there weren't any actions related to this highlighting

  2. Fixed broken logo in password reset email

  3. Changed the look of "Edit Profile" button which is now easy to spot