Personal Wine Curator updates
Personal Wine Curator updates

Improve Location Wine List Sort





Improve sorting of the Location field so things like Bin 1, Bin 2, Bin 10 are shows in the right order.

Courtesy of John B.

Fixed empty Wine Type Detail Report





We fixed the Wine Type Detail Report that breaks when a wine has a $0 value.

Bug reported by Keith S, thank you Keith!

Additional Precision for Grape Percentages





We now allow for up to two decimal place accuracy to your grape percentages. For example 20.85% or 1.25%

Courtesy of Rich C.

Aging Maturity Update for 2018 Vintages





You can now run aging maturity calculations on wines from the 2018 vintage if you set the proper appellation / region. If you don't get a match - remember to try a less specific distinction.

iOS 13 Support





Better support for iOS 13. If you have an iPhone or iPad that is having issues after an Apple update, you may need to perform a fresh sync. Instructions are here:

We also made some updates that improve data synchronization and performance.

Misc Performance Updates





Added several performance updates relating to the menus and the wine list.

Fixed Bug with Autocomplete Fields on Touch Devices





We fixed an issue affecting touch devices such as iPad where any autocomplete fields (name, region, varietal, etc) would not close unless you chose a built-in option or used the hide keyboard button on your device. This prevented users from quickly switching to and from fields equipped with autocomplete.

Courtesy of Elizabeth B.

Export Cellar Only





The spreadsheet export now allows you to export only your Cellar. Select Export Data from the main menu and choose Cellar and your desired format.

Courtesy of member Max Z.

Return to Prior Place in Wine List





We now keep track of your active place in your current wine list so if you navigate away from the list and come back, you'll be returned to where you left off.

Courtesy of Eric S.

Added Distinction to Advanced Search





The distinction field is now available in advanced search and provides selectable and filterable options with typeahead. We also improved the typeahead filtering on the varietal field.

Courtesy of Rich M.