Peoplebox changelog
Peoplebox changelog

Guided Homepage 🏠





We have launched our new homepage with a more intuitive design. The new guided homepage helps to add the employees with greater ease and allows to navigate between the OKRs, 1-on-1s and Surveys intuitively.

Launching OKRs 🎯





We are happy to announce that we have launched the most awaited OKR feature. Now you can create goals, share the progress and have a more productive team with Peoplebox. We have loads of features coming ahead!

Employee Engagement Surveys 👩👩🏿‍💻🙇🏽‍♀️





We recently launched the Employee Engagement Surveys. This will help the Managers to take anonymous surveys and create a more productive and happier team. Stay tuned for many more new features ahead.

🏠 Brand New Homepage ✨





As promised earlier, we've made a brand new homepage with your action items and upcoming 1-on-1 meetings together in the same page. This also includes renaming of our previously named "Superlist" to a simple "Action Items".

Kapture 2020-05-14 at 8.22.41.gif

🏠 Redesigned 1-on-1 cards





We just rolled out a fresh 1-on-1 listing page with new cards. This is part of of a new (and relevant) homepage where actions and events will be combined. Expect this page to get lot more updates!

Kapture 2020-04-30 at 20.44.04.gif

✉️ Refreshing new emails ✨





We've improved the reminder emails to have lot more relevant content that is useful and gives a sneak peak before you come to the product.

Also, we removed the reminders to add action items post 1-on-1 as we felt it was too spammy.

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🎯 Tracking Productivity & Performance





To manage effectively it is critical to understand how employees perceive their productivity and how managers see their performance. This forms a bedrock of almost all 1:1 conversations.

To support this, we've rolled out a feature to track Performance and Productivity. Directs share productivity with their managers, while managers record performance privately (won't be shared with anyone).

Performance Productivity image

⏰ Action Item Reminders





I easily forget stuff. And it is embarrassing when I go to a 1-on-1 with my direct report and see that I didn't complete the action items discussed. So we built reminders!

You can set a reminder by clicking on the assignment icon next to the name of the person and choose the date/time.

Kapture 2020-04-16 at 22.28.26.gif

And get a neat notification in your slack:


All 1-on-1s auto-added, invite later





If you are using Peoplebox with few of your direct reports and have been holding off because you don't want to invite them - we've made it easy now.

The system scans and adds all your 1-on-1s automatically (without inviting the other person). You can choose who they are (direct report or a manager) and start writing notes - and optionally invite them.

Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 6.28.23 PM.png

⚡ Realtime collaboration for remote teams





We've been building this for sometime and the timing seemed right to release this. Considering the threat of COVID-19 around us, more teams are working remotely and more managers are doing 1-on-1s via Calls/Zoom.

While working remotely, both Manager and Direct reports would want to add talking points and agendas simultaneously. We've made it really easy for teams to collaborate while during their 1-on-1s with real-time collaboration. Both can add talking points, notes and action items realtime.

Stay safe, stay indoors. #CoronaVirusOutbreak

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