Payzip release notes
Payzip release notes



Fixes and improvements

  • We’ve supercharged member imports. Now when you upload your spreadsheet, you can choose the worksheet that contains your members. We also strip out any rows that don’t contain a valid member, and also provide you with a download of any errors that exist so you can quickly sort them out before importing again.
  • Goodbye loading spinners! We’ve speeded up page load times and replaced the spinner with page outlines. Not only does this look better, but it makes the system perform better.
  • Fixed a validation issue when creating a Ping, so if you go over the character count limit you can’t continue. Now your members will see exactly what you wanted them to see.
  • Fixed an issue with the payment status dropdown on the Invoices index, so now when you select Owed and Overdue, we don’t show you Paid as well!
  • When you add a new team member, if that person is also a member (or pays for a member), we now link the accounts so they can see all their payments too.
  • Fixed some mobile Safari issues on iOS 15 so now your members will have a better experience.
  • Improvements to how and when Pings expire.
  • Various internal fixes, process and performance improvements.