Payzip release notes
Payzip release notes



New features



Email deliverability notifications

  • We’ve taken email deliverability to the next level in this update! Just like on social media, now whenever you send invoices to your members, you’ll see a familiar grey tick so you know that we’ve sent it. When you see a grey double tick, you’ll know that it’s been delivered. When you see a blue double tick, you’ll know that the member has clicked the link and seen your invoice. We always included this information in the notes section of the invoice, but now you’ll see it in tables where you see the invoices as well.


Fixes and improvements



  • We’ve added the Email issues table to each invoice page when there is an email issue you need to resolve, rather than just on the dashboard.
  • We’ve also included more information in the Email issues table like the group the member is in along with details of the issue.
  • We've given the Dashboard a sleeker look by limiting the number of Overdue invoices and Active Pings visible in the tables. Clicking View all now takes you to the either index showing all overdue invoice or active Pings where you can export the information as usual.
  • When fixing the email issue, the outstanding invoices get sent automatically now rather than giving you the option to resend.
  • Updating a member’s invalid email from their member page now clears the errors when the change has been made rather than after a page refresh.
  • We’ve fixed the export function on the invoice page so that the member name and email address now get included in the export.
  • We’ve made improvements to duplicating an invoice, you now get taken to the new invoice rather than stay on the invoice you duplicated.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where credits weren’t being listed on an invoice reminder, so it appeared that the member owed more money than they actually did.
  • Payout emails now include a link to the actual payout rather than the payout index, so you can go straight to it from your email.
  • We’ve removed Email opened activity from Activity & notes due to unreliability issues. Don’t worry, we still record every time the member clicks the link to view the invoice.
  • Members can now be added to invoices when they have an invalid email address, although the invoice won’t be sent until the email issue is resolved.
  • Various internal fixes, process and performance improvements.