Payzip release notes
Payzip release notes



New features



Free trial volume credits

  • Try Payzip completely - for free! New clubs can collect up to £100 by card (including Apple Pay / Google Pay). We’ll pay the service and processing fees for you, meaning you can see if Payzip is right for your club, risk-free! If you’re an existing club, don’t worry we’ve applied the credit to your account too 😃


Fixes and improvements



  • We’ve added a label to indicate when your available balance is below the minimum payout amount of £10.00.
  • We’ve also removed the minimum payout amount from your first payout.
  • When you try and send an email to address that doesn’t exist anymore, the Invalid emails table has now been moved higher up on the dashboard so it’s the first thing you see when you log in.
  • If you have a member account, we now calculate your stats on all the clubs you are a member of, not just the first club.
  • We’ve updated some of the language used in our emails to better reflect the recent changes we’ve made to the system.
  • Various internal fixes, process and performance improvements.