Payzip release notes
Payzip release notes



Fixes and improvements



  • We’ve shortened the url for Pings, so now they look better but work exactly the same.
  • The reminder lock timer has been reduced from 3 hours to 30 minutes. This is still long enough to stop you inadvertently bombarding your members with reminders.
  • When you add a note to a Ping, we now show the note icon to let you know there is a note attached to a member’s response.
  • We’ve added a warning when accidentally clicking off the Create Ping window which should stop you losing any unsaved changes.
  • We’ve updated the support Beacon to be page aware now, so it will show you relevant articles depending on the page your are currently on.
  • When you, or a member of your admin team, edits an invoice, we now add that to the Activity & notes section of the invoice.
  • Any invoices that have been customised from the original now have a Custom label to help them stand out from the others.
  • Various internal fixes, process and performance improvements.