Payzip release notes
Payzip release notes



New features




  • When creating an invoice for the first time, you can now add a discount by inserting a line item with minus amount. You can do this to the main invoice batch or to an individual invoice when you get to the customisation step. This is a great way to add a discount to an invoice and let the member know they have received their discount when they get the invoice. For more information about discounts, check out the knowledgebase.


Fixes and improvements



  • You can now preview Pings as a member so you can see what your members will see when you’ve created a Ping.
  • You can now preview invoices ‘as a member’ so you can see what your members will see when you’ve created an invoice.
  • When we approve your club account, we now tell you the rate that has been applied to your account in the confirmation email.
  • We’ve moved group settings from settings in the sidebar and given them their own top-level place, which makes it easier for you to find.
  • You can now bulk delete members from your member list rather than having to delete each one individually.
  • We’ve added the ability to duplicate an invoice that you’ve previously created. Currently this is just the wording used in Step 1 but expect more improvements to follow in future releases.
  • Clicking Create club on the member dashboard now tells you what to expect when creating a club.
  • Various internal fixes, process and performance improvements.