Payzip release notes
Payzip release notes



Fixes and improvements



  • Pings without an amount are now easier to distinguish from those with an amount throughout the system.
  • We’ve made improvements to deleting, stopping and editing a Ping so now all these actions work as expected. You can now delete a single response to a free Ping, or delete the Ping entirely.
  • We’ve also improved the messaging the member sees when trying to pay for a Ping that no longer exists.
  • Your admin team members can now see all Pings and create Pings of their own like they already can with invoices.
  • Pings are now ordered in a more useful way. Active Pings that are closest to ending are listed at the top and those with no end date below them. Pings that have ended are listed next, most recently closed at the top so you can find them more easily.
  • Pings that will end today are now also shown on the main Payzip dashboard.
  • You can now use more than just alpha-numeric characters in the title of a Ping which is much more useful than before.
  • Various wording and UI tweaks in the emails that get sent to your members.
  • Various optimisations for the mobile view of Pings that your members see.
  • Various internal fixes, process and performance improvements.