New Invoice Design Template

We have updated the customer invoice templates to provide a more professional feel as well as an easy to read layout.

To learn more about editing and sending customer invoices, please see:


Vat Tax On Customer Invoices

Continuing with our VAT feature enhancements, VAT Tax information will now show on the updated official customer invoices.

Laarn more at:


Countdown Timers On Checkouts

A highly requested feature in the vendor community, PayKickstart checkout pages now have options to enable a countdown timer to add a sense of urgency to the customer purchase.

KB Article:


Amazon SES and SMTP Integrations

Want to use your own domain and email address to send transactional emails?

Now you can!

PayKickstart now offers the ability fo vendors to use outside sources to deliver email notifications via SMTP and Amazon SES API.

This new feature is useful for vendors that want to handle transactional email notification delivery on their own via their own servers and domain

KB article:

Customer Billing Portal

Gone are the days of custom API/IPN integrations to add billing portals in your customer platforms.

PayKickstart now offers vendors a hosted link option as well as an embeddable billing portal to allow customers to easily self-service billing inquiries and actions.

Customers can now access the customer billing portals to view payments and transactions, update billing, access products, download invoices and much more.

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New Transactional Email Template & Editor

We have created a brand-new default transactional email template/design and editor, that has more functionality and customizations.

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Add Quantity Field

A big feature request asked by the community has been enabling the ability for “Quantity” on your order pages.

Well it’s here! Now vendors can allow their customers to choose a quantity at checkout to order more than one of a specific product.

KB Article:

Quantity Field

ACH Transfers

Vendors can now accept ACH transfer payments from customers with ACH based bank accounts.

This feature is mainly for US-based customers who want to pay via bank account transfer.

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Vendor/ Affiliate Traffic Reports

Vendors now have the ability to view traffic reports pertaining to direct and affiliate created traffic for sales funnels.

This new report will filter traffic by direct traffic(no associated affiliates) and via specific affiliates associated to the funnel traffic.

Affiliates will also have this traffic report in their account to view their specific traffic data for sales funnels they are promoting.

KB article:

PayPal Support for Payments API

Vendors now have the ability to accept PayPal payments via the PayKickstart API.

API Docs:

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