EverLesson API Integration

There was an issue with PayKickstart speaking to the EverLesson API, of which we worked with the EverLesson team to resolve. Now you can seamlessly add customers to an Everlesson membership site upon purchase.

Easier Upgrading/Downgrade Ability

For any Vendor using a subscription model, this is a very important thing to have for your business.

Though you were able to do this before with PayKickstart, the only way to upgrade/downgrade a user automatically was through the API – which obviously required more development work for you.

Not anymore! Now you have the ability to handle this right inside your PayKickstart account, with just a few clicks to switch from one plan to another for your customers.

KB Article: https://support.paykickstart.com/knowledge-base/manage-upgrade-downgrade/

Auto-Complete Address

This is SUPER slick.

Now, when your customers need to enter their billing and/or shipping address on the checkout page, we display suggestions based on the address they start typing, so they can easily select their correct address from the suggestions we provide…not having to manually fill in City, State, Country.

Why is this important?

More sales for you, of course!

When selling, you always want to remove as many steps and barriers of entry for your potential customers.

With this feature, your customers can now quickly fill out their payment information, and finalize their purchase faster than before. Checkout conversions will increase and more sales will come through the door.

Exit Intent Pop-Up

Don’t lose those potential customers!

Vendors now have the ability to enable an Exit Intent Pop-up that will display on the checkout page if the potential customer is looking to exit the page.

It will ask them “Are you sure you want to leave?”, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Every little reminder to a “lost customer” is one more way to get that sale back!

KB Article: https://support.paykickstart.com/knowledge-base/exit-intent-popup/

Custom Fields on Checkout Pages

This feature has been asked for a lot. And we delivered for you!

Now you have the ability to add ANY custom field(s) you want to your checkout pages.

Are you selling t-shirts? Add a field to get their t-shirt size.

Want to grab their phone number? Add a field.

All you need to do is specify in which block/area of the checkout page you want to capture that data, and we’ll pass it through when the purchase is made.

KB Article: https://support.paykickstart.com/knowledge-base/add-custom-fields-checkout-page/

Remember Customer Details on PK Checkout Pages

As more and more customers come through the doors for any PayKickstart vendor, there is a strong likelihood that one of those customers may purchase from you too.

Now - whenever a customer enters their contact details on ANY PayKickstart checkout page, the next time they go to purchase a product through any other PayKickstart checkout page, their contact details will automatically be filled in for them.

The faster they can fill out the checkout page to complete their order, the more likely they are to actually make the purchase.

Remove more barriers of entry and your checkout conversions will soar!

Add Custom CSS, Javascript & Tracking Pixels to Checkout Pages, Popup Widgets & Form Embeds

For those who want to add a little more flare to their popup widgets or form embeds, you can do that now by adding custom CSS. You can also add custom javascript and 3rd party tracking pixels as well.

Just one more way we’re adding more flexibility to PayKickstart for you!

KB Article: https://support.paykickstart.com/knowledge-base/adding-custom-css-tracking-scripts/

More Email Integration Events Added

Now you can add visitors and customers to different lists and add/remove tags for the following events…

• On Cancellation of Subscription • On Refund of Product, • On Abandoned Cart • On Failed Transactions.

These additional options are found at the Product Settings where you integrate your Email Auto-responder.

VAT Layer Tax Integration

For those required to charge a VAT tax but who did not want to use our Taxamo integration, we have added an additional option for you called “VAT Layer”.

Hebrew Language Added

Hebrew is now a language option that you can use for your checkout pages and email notifications.

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