Thinkific Integration

Hey Thinkific customers, we have some good news! Now you can seamlessly add customers to your Thinkific membership site, automatically.


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Zoom Integration

We have now added Zoom as a Webinar Integration. That means that anyone who uses Zoom for your webinars, can automatically register a customer for an upcoming webinar, at the point of sale.


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Campaign Refinery Integration

For those who are using the new Campaign Refinery email service, you can now automatically add customers to your email list (optionally tag them).


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Ability to Edit Transactional Emails at Campaign or Product Level

A major new feature that the PayKickstart community has been waiting patiently for is finally here.

You now have full control over all of the transaction emails, being able to edit each email template and applying those edits to all Campaigns OR a specific Campaign / Product.

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Ability to Block Duplicate Purchases

While we offer the option to display a “Warning” message to customers who have previously purchased a product, we now offer an option to completely block a customer to purchase a product twice.

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Allow Vendors to “Retry” Charging a Delinquent Subscription

Now vendors have the ability to manually retry charging a delinquent subscription at any time. While we do have the subscription savor sequence in place, this option give further control when processing previously failed attempts. Easily filter by “delinquent” now in the Subscriptions area.


Enhanced Subscription/Future Payments Wording

We’ve updated how we display upfront and future payments. Now in the Order Summary area, we have a much cleaner and clearer design, to help make sure customers can see what and when they are being charged.


New Order Bump Design

In this update, we have enhanced the existing Order Bump design, to help it stand out more. In an upcoming update, we’ll be offering a library of order bump designs that you can choose from for your checkout template, widget or embed form.


SSL Support for Affiliate Links

Even though all of the PayKickstart platform and checkout pages are secure, we have added SSL support for affiliate checkout links. Now all affiliate links will use https (note: any existing http links will redirect to https now).

Updated Filter Design

As a continued improvement, we have rolled out the new filter design to the rest of the pages inside of PayKickstart. The new filter design makes it easier to segment and display data.


No published changelogs yet.

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