📋 Paperwork Improvements

Last night we rolled out an update to Paperwork Management that we think will help better organize all of the various types of documents our documents need to keep track of.

🗄 Document Categorization

Users can now choose a category that a particular document falls under when uploading it. The options include:

  • Regulatory Documents
    • These are documents such as state-specific forms that
  • Service Provider Documents
    • Documents or forms provided to you by your service provider go here, things like invoices, receipts, or work orders that you'd like to keep track of
  • Other Documents
    • This is a catch-all for any other type of document you'd like to track/store

📒 Compliance Book Management

As we continue to evolve the way Compliance Books are generated and managed, we wanted to make it easier to mark certain documents as visible in the compliance book, so now, when a document is added, you can specifically choose if it should be visible in the compliance book.

Also be on the lookout for some more exciting updates in this area in the near future.

🔗 Streamlined Inspection Results into Paperwork

There are also improvements behind the scenes that streamline the way documents are generated and stored via inspections.

Now, when an inspection is properly configured, PASS Tools will automatically fill out any state-specific forms that are required, along with the normal results and documentation that are typically generated, and file them into the proper sections in Paperwork, while also marking the proper documents as visible in the Compliance Book.

As always if you have any questions, comments, or feedback please contact us.