✅ Inspection & Action Item Improvements

Over the weekend we launched a substantial update to the way customers manage action items and inspections. Many of these improvements came from feedback and suggestions from our customers, and we can't thank them enough for helping us to build the best platform possible.

♊️ Introducing Action Item Occurrences

Previously each time an action item occurred, it was logged as its own, separate action item. This behavior lead to what essentially amounted to data duplication when the same action item was identified across multiple visits.

Starting with today's update, when action items are recorded, Tools checks to see if the same item is still open from a prior visit, and if so, an additional occurrence is recorded, but only one action item is kept open.

🤖 Automatic De-Duplication

We've also analyzed all open action items our customers currently have and automatically rolled them up into the appropriate groupings of occurrences.

📈Improved Photo Upload Performance

Let's be honest, sometimes photo uploads didn't quite work as well as they should have, and today's update aims to fix that. We've changed the underlying method used to upload photos to Tools that should dramatically reduce timeout errors.

📸 Ad-hoc Action Item Photos

Inspectors now have the ability to take photos and attach them to ad-hoc action items created during an inspection.

📝 Create Action Items Outside of an Inspection

Users now have the ability to create new action items directly from a facility's action item screen.

📋Improved Mangement During Inspections

Action items generated during an inspection are now easier to manage. Inspectors can more clearly see which action items are generated based upon the responses they give for a given question and leave additional notes directly on the action item.

🗄 Export to CSV

We've also added the ability to export action item lists to a CSV file that can be opened in Excel or any other of your favorite spreadsheet programs.

🆒 And More

There are a number of other smaller UI tweaks and improvements that we hope you'll enjoy and find useful. We've also set the table for some really exciting improvements that you'll see in the coming weeks 😎

As always if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to reach out.