🔎 Full-text Search

This one is a feature many of you may take for granted thanks to Google, but rest assured, implementing good search tools isn't as easy at it may seem, just check out this Wikipedia article on stemming.

With that said today we've rolled much improved searching for users, facilities, and companies. We'll now return results even if you transposed a letter or two, or even searched for a common variant of a name or word (ie Jeff vs Geoff or Jim vs James).

📒 Facility Compliance Books

We recently rolled out a new section at the facility level we are calling the Compliance Book.

This section is a handy, go-to place to quickly find and reproduce all of the relevant documents and results that you may need to present whenever your friendly neighborhood regulatory stops by.

PASS Compliance Book

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we have planned. In the near future, you'll see some really cool improvements here to make it easier not only to access and share this data but also help you understand what you're missing

Equipment subcomponents

At the end of last week, we deployed one of the biggest structural changes to PASS Tools in a long time.

These changes were all in preparation to release a substantial upgrade to the way data is collected and reviewed for facility equipment and property - a feature we are calling Equipment Subcomponent.

What's a Subcomponent?

We recognize that most types of equipment at a fueling facility are often times their own collection of pieces, parts, and systems of their own, and this update addresses this.

Beforehand, PASS Tools tried to ask blanket questions to cover all of these scenarios and did an OK job at it, but being just OK wasn't good enough for us, especially knowing that our customers depend on us to ensure that their systems are compliant.

With that in mind, we came away from the drawing board with the idea of subcomponents, which are essentially the way that clients can better organize, group, and track data about their equipment.

Adding/Defining Subcomponents to your Equipment

Let's use the example of a UST. The heart of a UST is the tank itself, but there are also a number associated parts that make-up the entirety of it. Items like sumps, spill buckets, STPs - depending on the age and type of UST, you could have dozens of different configurations and combinations of said components.


In the screenshot above you can quickly see that this UST has 2 spill buckets (via the grey number badge) and that there are 3 required fields not yet filled out (the red number badges).

You'll also notice the green, "Add Spill Bucket" button, which allows us to add multiple spill buckets if necessary. There is also "Edit" button on the Fill Port which lets us rename this spill bucket, and also add any extra notes about it.

Improved Inspection Questions and Flow

With the improvements to equipment data collection in mind, we've also updated our inspection questions to collect more granular data about these subcomponents. This included improved navigation and data grouping in the inspection results.

We are excited for our clients to start using this feature and look forward to hearing what you think!

🔐 Ensuring Strong, Uncompromised Passwords

Over the weekend we added a new security feature to PASS Tools leveraging the Pwnd Password Database.

Whenever you add a new user or update a password, we will run checks against this database to ensure that you are not trying to use a known-to-be-compromised password. If you are you'll see the following message:

Pwnded Password Error Message

This is a simple but powerful check that helps ensure our users are as secure as possible.

🗓 Company Calendar

This week we launched a great new screen for companies, the Calendar!

This view shows all inspection activities for the company as well as paperwork expiration dates. This has been a long requested feature and we are happy to finally deliver it.

PASS Tools - Company Calendar

🎨 Photo and Avatar Improvements

Over the weekend we launched a UI update that should improve your ability to things in our list views.

Before, we had some very generic default images for user, company, and facility records, which sometimes made it hard to sift through a list view.

This update creates a colorful image with the initials of the record, which should make it just a little bit easier to find what you're looking for.

Here's a side by side comparison:


🗣 Introducing Discussions

We've just launched an update to the way comments work in some areas, specifically at the Company and Facility level.

Up until now, comments on a company or facility were just one, long stream, that would just go on forever, with no good way to organize thoughts or subjects - enter Discussions.

Discussions now give you a way to create a new place to carry on specific topics in their own, neat little area, keeping things much more neat and tidy, while also helping to minimize notification overload.

Using them couldn't be simpler, just look for the Discussion tab to get rolling.

We've also designed discussions in a way where they can be scaled out to other parts of PASS Tools, so if you have an idea or suggestion so to where you'd like to see discussions, let us know!

📎 Comment Attachments

Today we are excited to announce the ability to attach files to comments. This can be done in two different ways.

🖥 Via the Comment Form

When adding a new comment you'll now see a Files selector where you can choose the documents or images that you'd like to attach.

📧 Via Email Attachments

If you are replying to a comment via email it's as simple as attaching the files to your reply! The files will be automatically saved to the comment, and direct links to them will also be provided in the notification emails that others users who are on the comment thread.

This has been a widely requested feature and we are happy to finally be able to launch it.

🗄 Improvements to Document/Paperwork Management

Today we launched an update to documentation/paperwork management, so let's take a second to run through it.

🗂 Categories

We've introduced functionality that will group paperwork by pre-defined categories, giving you a better way to look through and organize all of your documentation.

👀 View Options

We've also added a view selector that allows you choose which way you'd like to view your documents - either by Category, or by Timeframe, which groups the documents by how soon they'll expire:

  • Expired
  • Due Soon = within 60 days
  • Looks Good - more than 60 days out, or just flat out doesn't expire

🔎 Search

We've also introduced a search bar so you can quickly find what you're looking for

📍 Location Aware

Every state is different, and so are their forms, so where applicable we've built in rules that will only show/allow you to add the types of paperwork that apply for the state that the site is in.

As always let us know what you think and stay tuned for more updates!

🗂 Facility Groups

Today we've deployed an update that allows for the creation of facility groups. Facility groups are a great way to organize a company that has a lot of facilities, particularly ones that are divided into regions or territories.

To add/manage them, edit a company's details and you'll see a new tab, Facility Groups:

Once you've added a group, you can assign facilities to it, just edit the facility's details, and click on the Facility Groups tab:

This will also allow for easy filtering of facilities when looking at the Facilities tab:

In addition, you can also assign facility groups directly to users, in the same way you were already able to assign individual facilities, providing a great, easy way to give regional managers access to all the data that they need.

As always please let us know what you think, or if you have any questions!

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