Parsio changelog
Parsio changelog

✍️ Parsing HARO emails




Great news! Now Parsio can extract data from HARO emails automatically 🎉. All you need to do is to choose "HARO" as a predefined template set in your Mailbox settings:


Then, forward your HARO emails to that mailbox (or reprocess existing emails) and they will be parsed:



Now you can export the parsed results to Sheets (make sure to choose 'Haro' as a field to export):


⚠️ Important: If you have any templates in your mailbox, Parsio will try to use them first (and if it can't, then it will use predefined templates). So make sure to delete or disable your custom templates.

This is our new beta-version feature, so if you have any feedback or comments on this, please let us know! 🙌