Parsify changelog
Parsify changelog


  • Fixed the issues with Windows installer.
  • The macOS build is now code signed.
  • The rpm build is now available again.


  • Fixed the issue with custom unit creation.
  • Added missing binaries for ARM64 architectures.


Warning: This update includes a refactored configuration storage, therefore updating to this version will purge your existing settings (including custom units, plugins, appearance preferences). Your license will NOT be deactivated.

  • Completely refactored the configuration storage, in order to remove potential issues after version updates.
  • New, more clear, reliable, and precise result formatting solution.
  • Changed the appearance on macOS.
  • Better MacBook Pro Touch Bar integration.
  • Removed the "result background" option.
  • Changed the default font size from 1rem to 1.125rem.
  • The default editor font is now Menlo.
  • Changed the default UI font to system stack.
  • Improved performance of the settings page.
  • Slightly reduced app size on some platforms.
  • Changed the copy/insert into new line buttons in the results pane to a simple single and double-click solution (further customization may be available in the future).
  • Added a skeleton loading animation to the main page.
  • Improved navigation performance.
  • Added shortcuts to allow for easier navigation and usage. The list of shortcuts is available in the bottom left corner of the main screen.
  • Replaced the expressions/results panes splitter with a more performant alternative.
  • The gray splitter now changes width on hover for easier panes resizing.
  • Improved variables highlighting.
  • Fixed issues with sum and avg operators.
  • The about page now shows more details about the app.
  • Added a gray label in the bottom left corner indicating the action of buttons, etc.
  • Reduced installers size by using stronger compression algorithms.
  • Updated internal dependencies.
  • Slightly improved calculator performance.

Thank you for using Parsify Desktop!


  • Fix: The configuration store wasn't always setting the correct default value.


Note: This is a big update and it includes a new auto-update mechanism, which currently only supports Windows (macOS and Linux will be supported soon). Because of that, it is recommended to install this update manually.

  • Added the highly requested sum and average operators - check the docs for more information regarding the usage of these.
  • Hover over the result and 2 icons will appear - Copy to clipboard and Paste into new line. This will likely be configurable in the next release.
  • Redesigned settings, plugin manager, manage license, and about pages. The unit manager will get a redesign likely in the next release.
  • Ability to change the font size.
  • Changed the default window size.
  • New auto-update mechanism (currently only works on Windows - macOS and Linux support coming soon).
  • Improved syntax highlighting - you should now see much less issues.
  • Fixed the precision and tab settings not working correctly in some situations.
  • Better loading screens.
  • Toast messages are now limited in terms of the amount - should improve performance.
  • MacBook Pro Touch Bar support.
  • Apple Silicon support (performance might vary).
  • Improved .dmg file appearance.
  • Temporarily dropped support for the .rpm release (please use AppImage instead).
  • Slightly improved performance.
  • Code refactor.
  • Updated internal dependencies.


  • Highlight variables (beta).
  • Math plugin now honors the DEBUG=true variable in the plugin configuration setting. Add it in order to search for potential syntax issues.
  • Add the ability to change how many spaces should be inserted when pressing the Tab key.
  • Add the ability to refresh the parser context (available via the context menu).
  • Remove the "Experimental math parser" option.
  • Small code refactor.
  • Update internal dependencies.
  • Fix: Automatically reset the parser variables when creating a new file or moving to an existing one. This will prevent stale variables.


  • You can now resize the expression and result panels easily using the border between them


  • Fix: Make auto-updater use a public endpoint, instead of a private one.


Note: This release includes some major changes to how user preferences are being stored. Therefore auto-updating might not work correctly and manual installation is recommended.

  • Add "Experimental math parser" option*
  • Store user preferences, units, and plugins in a separate file.
  • Fix: @parsify/timezone plugin does not display correct time.
  • Fix: Result panel background color does not get saved.

* Enabling this option might significantly speed up certain mathematical calculations. It is a part of a long-term mission to improve the performance of Parsify Desktop. More information coming soon.


  • Fix: some operations not working correctly with prev and previous operators.