Parsify changelog
Parsify changelog






  • Temporarily use a backup domain, as the main one ( isn't available.






We migrated from Gumroad to Stripe as our payment provider, therefore the license generation & validation is handled differently. Although licenses purchased via Gumroad will work completely fine, please make sure your firewall, ISP or government isn't blocking access to the domain. In case of any issues, please review the documentation.

  • Updated license validation (see the message above).
  • Your license key is now stored using your system's keychain.
  • Fixed some style issues.
  • Improved the visibility of external links within the app.
  • Certain network requests are now cached.
  • Added extended logging* functionality for better debugging.
  • You may no longer need to restart the app when changing the privacy settings.
  • You may see calculation slowdown when doing timezone operations. We are aware of this issue and currently looking for potential solutions.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Redesigned the license manager screen.
  • Updated internal dependencies.

*Logs are stored locally and are not sent anywhere over the internet.






  • Fixed the issue where sum/avg would not be calculated under certain conditions.
  • Added important privacy related settings.
  • Brought back the .rpm build.
  • Updated internal dependencies.

A new version will be releases soon after this one, adding back the support for timezone abbreviations and comma separators :)






  • Line and column numbers are now shown in the bottom-right corner.
  • Completely rewritten timezone plugin - it now makes less network requests and does faster conversion. It does not yet support timezone abbreviations (e.g. PST, ETC). They will be added soon.
  • Changed the currency conversion rates service from to - 200+ currencies (including crypto) instead of 32 are now available!
  • Optimized overall calculation speed by reusing parser instances.
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added customizable calculation delay (debounce).
  • Added an option for timezone plugin to show detailed timezone names.
  • Added pretty math symbols (experimental).
  • Fixed sum and avg operators not working with labels.
  • Fixed variable highlighting.
  • Added better loading indicators.
  • Fixed the slider positioning.
  • Updated internal dependencies.
  • Temporarily removed support for commas instead of dots (e.g. 1,5 + 1,2 will now work) due to certain issues. They will be supported again soon
  • Fixed code signing on macOS.
  • Better auto-updating.






  • Fixed the issues with Windows installer.
  • The macOS build is now code signed.
  • The rpm build is now available again.






  • Fixed the issue with custom unit creation.
  • Added missing binaries for ARM64 architectures.






Warning: This update includes a refactored configuration storage, therefore updating to this version will purge your existing settings (including custom units, plugins, appearance preferences). Your license will NOT be deactivated.

  • Completely refactored the configuration storage, in order to remove potential issues after version updates.
  • New, more clear, reliable, and precise result formatting solution.
  • Changed the appearance on macOS.
  • Better MacBook Pro Touch Bar integration.
  • Removed the "result background" option.
  • Changed the default font size from 1rem to 1.125rem.
  • The default editor font is now Menlo.
  • Changed the default UI font to system stack.
  • Improved performance of the settings page.
  • Slightly reduced app size on some platforms.
  • Changed the copy/insert into new line buttons in the results pane to a simple single and double-click solution (further customization may be available in the future).
  • Added a skeleton loading animation to the main page.
  • Improved navigation performance.
  • Added shortcuts to allow for easier navigation and usage. The list of shortcuts is available in the bottom left corner of the main screen.
  • Replaced the expressions/results panes splitter with a more performant alternative.
  • The gray splitter now changes width on hover for easier panes resizing.
  • Improved variables highlighting.
  • Fixed issues with sum and avg operators.
  • The about page now shows more details about the app.
  • Added a gray label in the bottom left corner indicating the action of buttons, etc.
  • Reduced installers size by using stronger compression algorithms.
  • Updated internal dependencies.
  • Slightly improved calculator performance.

Thank you for using Parsify Desktop!






  • Fix: The configuration store wasn't always setting the correct default value.






Note: This is a big update and it includes a new auto-update mechanism, which currently only supports Windows (macOS and Linux will be supported soon). Because of that, it is recommended to install this update manually.

  • Added the highly requested sum and average operators - check the docs for more information regarding the usage of these.
  • Hover over the result and 2 icons will appear - Copy to clipboard and Paste into new line. This will likely be configurable in the next release.
  • Redesigned settings, plugin manager, manage license, and about pages. The unit manager will get a redesign likely in the next release.
  • Ability to change the font size.
  • Changed the default window size.
  • New auto-update mechanism (currently only works on Windows - macOS and Linux support coming soon).
  • Improved syntax highlighting - you should now see much less issues.
  • Fixed the precision and tab settings not working correctly in some situations.
  • Better loading screens.
  • Toast messages are now limited in terms of the amount - should improve performance.
  • MacBook Pro Touch Bar support.
  • Apple Silicon support (performance might vary).
  • Improved .dmg file appearance.
  • Temporarily dropped support for the .rpm release (please use AppImage instead).
  • Slightly improved performance.
  • Code refactor.
  • Updated internal dependencies.






  • Highlight variables (beta).
  • Math plugin now honors the DEBUG=true variable in the plugin configuration setting. Add it in order to search for potential syntax issues.
  • Add the ability to change how many spaces should be inserted when pressing the Tab key.
  • Add the ability to refresh the parser context (available via the context menu).
  • Remove the "Experimental math parser" option.
  • Small code refactor.
  • Update internal dependencies.
  • Fix: Automatically reset the parser variables when creating a new file or moving to an existing one. This will prevent stale variables.