Paragon release notes
Paragon release notes


🚀 New Features

Custom Integrations!

Custom Integrations allow you to build your own custom integration with any app provider on Paragon, even if it's not natively supported by our integration catalog.

Similar to natively supported integration on Paragon, Custom Integrations provide the following features:

  • Embedded Connect Portal for your customers to activate and configure the integration in your app.
  • Fully managed authentication with OAuth 2.0 or API Keys.
  • Visual workflow editor for creating custom integration logic.
  • Access to any API methods provided by the application's API.

Basic info for custom integrations on Paragon.png

Custom Integrations are included in the Pro Plan and above. Contact us to schedule a demo of Custom Integrations or upgrade your account.

🛠 Improvements

  • Added fast-xml-parser npm module to the Function editor.