You can now right click on steps to duplicate or delete them!

As always, many bug fixes and performance improvements.



✨New Feature: Onboarding Tutorial! New users are now greeted with an onboarding tutorial that guides them through how to build a user re-engagement workflow.

Task History now displays the number of tasks that were run in each execution.

Failed workflow execution email alerts now include a link to their respective Task History execution.

Improved app performance when viewing very large workflow executions in Task History.

Added "Does not equal" as an operator to the Conditional step.


New Feature: Stripe Integration! Connect your Stripe account to Paragon to build workflows with your customer and subscription data from Stripe!

Check out our documentation to learn more about using Stripe with Paragon!

Image 2020-07-14 at 6.54.18 PM.png


Paragon now has a brand new sign up experience! If you haven't signed up already, check it out here.

You can now open Workflows and Task History executions in a new tab!

Fixed an issue where string variable references would cause a step to fail if its value was null or undefined.

Fixed an issue where completed workflows would sometimes appear to be still running in Task History.


You can now access the slack, luxon, ramda, and date-fns in the Function Step! Note that date-fns is accessed as libraries.dateFns.


New Feature: Task History Filters. To help you navigate your Task History more easily, you can now filter executions by workflow, status, and date range!

Image 2020-06-23 at 10.26.13 AM.png

We made some huge improvements to Fan Out performance. Any Fan Out over 50 items now executes serially (instead of in parallel), making it far more resilient - especially if you need to avoid hitting API rate limits.

The Airtable step now allows you to select your Airtable Base and View, rather than having to type them in! We also improved how we show your Airtable fields when creating or updating records.

You can now access the csv and redis npm modules in the Function step!


New Feature: Replay Tasks. You can now replay failed workflow executions from the Task History page!

Task History now displays workflow executions in real time.

You can now access the https npm module in Functions.


🚀Improved workflow performance when using Fan Out on a large set of data.


New Feature: Environment Secrets. You can now securely store and use environment secrets like API Keys in your workflows!


Our MongoDB integration now supports writing raw Mongo queries.

You can now view your task usage in the dashboard sidebar.

You can now manage your Paragon subscription and billing information.

Redesigned the dashboard sidebar to be a little more visually consistent with the rest of the app.