✨New Integration: JIRA! You can now integrate with your JIRA account to create, update, and manage issues in your JIRA projects! You can also use our JIRA OAuth integration to allow your users to connect their JIRA accounts to your app. Check out our docs for more.

Made some major improvements to workflow performance - workflows now execute as much as 10x faster than before!

Our Google Calendar integration now supports adding conference data to calendar events.

Our AirTable integration now supports filtering columns by date when fetching records from a base.


✨ New Feature: Integrations Manager! You can now view, edit, and manage all the integrations connected to your Paragon account! Navigate to the Integrations tab in your dashboard sidebar to check it out!

Viewing your connected integrations in the Integrations Manager.png

Released Paragon On-Prem, allowing you to deploy and run Paragon entirely on your own infrastructure! If you're interested in Paragon On-Prem, email us at sales@useparagon.com.

Improved performance when Fanning Out large arrays, among other bug fixes and improvements.


✨New Integration: Hubspot! You can now integrate with Hubspot to create, update, and search Hubspot CRM records! Our Hubspot integration also supports OAuth, allowing you to connect with your users' Hubspot accounts and integrate them with your workflows. Check out our docs for more.

As always, numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.


✨New Feature: Auto-retries! Workflow steps that perform a request now automatically retry if the request fails. When Auto-retry is enabled, Paragon will re-attempt failed requests up to several times, waiting after each attempt before performing the next retry. Auto-retries are available on our Business plan and above

✨New Feature: MySQL Trigger! You can now trigger workflows when a record is created or updated in your MySQL database!

As always, a number bug fixes and performance improvements!


✨New Feature: Variable menu search and keyboard controls! When inserting variables with {{, you can now search the variable menu by typing the step number and variable name. You can also navigate the menu by using the ⬆⬇ arrow keys and the Return key to select.

Screen Recording 2020-09-21 at 03.47.52 PM.gif

✨New Feature: Slack Block Kit support! Our Slack integration now supports rich, interactive Slack messages created with the Slack Block Kit Builder by simply copying the JSON payload from the Block Kit Builder into Paragon.

Added a "Clear rows" action to our Google Sheets integration, allowing you to clear the contents of a row without deleting the row itself.

Improved the composing experience of our Sendgrid integration.

Improved performance when performing a Fan Out on a large array.


✨ New Integration: OneSignal! You can now send your users push notifications with our new OneSignal Integration! Read more in our docs.

Paragon OneSignal Integration.gif

You can now send rich, interactive Slack messages with Paragon - our Slack integration now supports Slack's Block Kit JSON Builder!

Improved performance when displaying integrations with a large number of input fields.

Fixed a bug where Task History workflow executions sometimes couldn't be paused.


✨New Integration: Google Calendar! You can now connect Paragon with Google Calendar to create, updates, and retrieve calendar events! Our new Google Calendar integration also supports OAuth-enabled apps, so you can integrate with your users' Google Calendar accounts, too. Read more in our docs.

Scheduling Google Calendar invites through Paragon.png

✨New Integration: FTP/SFTP! You can now connect to an FTP or SFTP server from Paragon to download or upload files! Read more in our docs.

A bunch of performance improvements and bug fixes.


Added a "What's New" tab in the dashboard to showcase our latest release notes and product updates. You might even be reading this there! 🙃

You can now access the lodash npm module in the Function step!

And of course…. bug fixes and performance improvements!


✨New Feature: Salesforce Integration! Our most requested feature is here… you can now build workflows that create, update, and access records in Salesforce! What's more, our new Salesforce integration also supports OAuth, so you can integrate with your users' Salesforce accounts. Check out our docs to learn more.

Bug fixes and performance improvements!


New Feature: PostgreSQL Database Trigger! You can now trigger workflows when a record is created or updated in your PostgreSQL database! Check out our docs to learn more.

New Feature: OAuth Integration! You can now authenticate and build workflows with your users' Slack and Google accounts! Check out our docs to learn more.

Bug Fixes and performance improvements!